How to Style an Elegant Side Bun – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

An elegant side bun is a very polished look for a night out, a wedding or prom. Several celebrities have been wearing side buns on red carpets and models have been wearing them on the runways. Although it might look complicated, a side bun is actually easy to do. You’ll need to have day old hair (hair that was washed the day before) so your hair is not too slick to handle. You’ll also need a flat paddle brush, hairpins, a covered elastic, and hairspray.

  1. Brush your hair to one side.
  2. Secure your hair with a covered elastic and back comb the ponytail just a bit.  This gives you a bit of volume and makes your hair easier to handle.
  3. Twist your hair up into a rope and wrap it around the elastic to form a bun.
  4. Secure your bun with hairpins under the bun so that they can’t be seen.
  5. Use the brush to gently smooth any hairs that have come loose.
  6. Spray your hair with hairspray smoothing it down as you go.

You can also have a different look by styling a messy side bun. This is also a very popular look. Braid your hair and then wrap it into a bun or use a hair clip. You can also use decorated hair pins or a bit of ribbon for a bit of extra bling.


Use professional styling products to get the best results. If you’d rather save time, have your stylist give you an elegant side bun. Also ask her to suggestions for products to hold your style and keep your hair healthy.

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