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What Happens If You Sew Extensions Too Loosely? – Hairstylist in Oklahoma City

Extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. You can also add color and highlights by having your stylist place extensions under your natural hair and letting them peek out. This is a very trendy look right now. Feather extensions are also very hot and many celebrities are wearing them. Human hair extensions are the best since they can be styled and colored just like your natural hair. Feather extensions can also be styled with a flat iron or curling iron. Your stylist has a few options to use when placing extensions in your hair. She can use the fusion method, locking or sewing method. Glued in extensions are best for a very temporary placement or for use with synthetic extensions as the glue tends to let go if you sweat or get your hair wet or damp. Sewn in extensions are very cost effective and can last up to 6 to 8 weeks if taken care of properly.">Image: photostock /
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First your stylist will divide your hair into very small sections and place tight braids in rows (tracts) under your hair. Next she will sew the extensions onto the braids with a curved needle and strong thread. The advantages to this method are the ease of placement, and when done properly there is very little chance of damaging your hair or scalp. You have to be careful not to get the braids too tight or you may experience traction alopecia. Traction alopecia not only causes hair loss along the braids and at the hairline, but is very painful. You may have a bit of discomfort when your stylist first braids your hair, but this should pass within a day. If you get braids done for sewn in extensions, and your head still hurts after a day or two and the braids feel too tight, you should ask your stylist to redo them so your hair is not damaged.

On the flip side you don’t want your braids to be too loose. When your braids are too loose your extensions will not stay in your hair. Although your stylist may be concerned about braiding your tracts too tightly, if she doesn’t braid them tight enough it doesn’t give you a strong enough base to sew in the extensions properly. When you brush or comb your hair, the extensions will pull out causing pain and possible hair loss. They will also be uneven and look unnatural. You should be able to style your hair, wash your hair and even go swimming with properly sewn in extensions.

Before you have your stylist braid and sew in your human hair extensions, talk to her about getting the tension in the braids just right. Remember at first your braids may feel tight, but as you wear them and get used to them they will loosen up. With an experienced stylist and quality human hair extensions you can have the full head of hair and length you always wanted.