How to Find a Scene Hair Stylist

Scene hair is an underground hair movement and as such, finding a stylist who can do a scene hair style may be hard to find in some areas. But don’t despair!

Even stylists who are unfamiliar with scene hair styles can figure out how to make an awesome cut if you provide them with the right information. Scene hair has some basic components that nearly any stylist can master! Start by asking your friends if they know of a stylist who is able to cut scene hair and then move on to the next steps if you can’t locate anyone in your area through word-of-mouth.

scene hair photo
Photo by Svenja Scurrilous

Though you may have better luck going to a private hairstylist, this isn’t always the case. Generally speaking, scene hair involves lots of choppy layers; short layers on top and longer layers on the bottom. Go around first and ask the stylists in your area if they know what scene hair is and ask them if they’re comfortable cutting scene styles. If you can find a stylist who is already familiar with scene hair and comfortable creating choppy layers, you’re in luck! But if no such stylist exists in your area, that’s okay. You can still get the perfect do, you’ll just have to explain what you want in detail.

Find a picture of what you want and make a copy of it or print it out. You need to take this photo with you to the stylist and show him or her what you want. There are picture available in magazines (visit your local bookstore), on the web, or perhaps you could take photos of friends who have scene hair! Be sure the picture illustrates, as closely as possible, what you want your hair to look like after the cut is complete. Many stylists can copy hair cuts as long as they have a picture demonstrating what it’s supposed to look like.

If you simply can’t find a photo, you could describe a typical scene hair cut as being similar to a fashion mullet. Ask for choppy layers with the ends thinned out and the layers getting longer toward the bottom. Explain that you’ll be adding extra volume to the upper, shorter layers and teasing them. Get fringe rather than side bangs and suggest that your stylist use a razor to create the extra-choppy look that is so iconic of scene hair.

Even if your stylist doesn’t know anything about scene hair when you first walk into your appointment, if you communicate clearly about what you want and provide them (ideally) with an image that clearly shows how you expect for your hair to look when the hair cut is finished, there’s no reason why you can’t end up with great results!

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