Creating a Unique Hair Style by Mixing Goth, Punk, and Emo

Can you really mix the goth, punk, and emo looks together? Absolutely, but before you get to work creating your own unique style, it’s important to understand some basics. Punk, emo, and goth are all very different styles and their based on different philosophies. How you wear your hair and clothing can communicate a lot about you and basing a look on any one of these styles will express a message to onlookers. As long as you understand the symbolism behind these looks, you can take the different elements and use them in your own way and to your own advantage.

Viona Ielegems at Work at the Wave Gotik Treff...
Viona Ielegems at Work at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You don’t just wake up someday and become goth. Goth isn’t just a look or a hair style. It’s a perspective on the world and a way of life. Goths tend to look for beauty in things that other people regard as “dark”. That which is weird or ugly might be seen as beautiful to a goth. Though many people who embrace this ideology dye their hair black, it isn’t necessary to do so, if you don’t want to. Dark hair is definitely a hallmark of this look, but make-up and clothing can signal that you’re a goth as well. Chains and studs along with fishnets and black clothing with platform shoes or boots would be a good choice if you want spice up your hairstyle with goth clothing.

A dark hair color isn’t just a sign of the goth mentality. It’s also common for emos to go all black as well. There isn’t a particular hair style that screams emo, but as a general rule, in order to stay true to this style, you have to stay away from hair that looks “scene”. Scene hair is generally backcombed and it signifies something completely different than emo. Wear converse shoes, sweaters or trousers to mix a hybrid hair style with emo garb.

Though goth and emo hair styles are very similar to each other, punk is quite a bit different. In fact, punks tend to be recognized primarily by how they style their hair. Outrageous styles like mohawks or liberty spikes, shaved hair on one side of the head, and wild, bright hair colors are common among punks. Whereas goths and emos often will dye their hair jet black, punks tend to wear clothing that is all black while their hair is bright, colorful, and eye-catching.

One way to combine looks would be to talk to your stylist about getting a cut that could support a multitude of different looks including emo, punk, or goth. Consider getting your hair dyed, but think about using temporary hair extensions to add bright, punk hair colors to your overall look when you feel like it.

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