Hairstyles to Create a Slimming Effect in the Face

How your hair is cut can change the way that people look at your face. It’s true! The length of your layers and where your highlights are located all change the way an onlookers eyes move across your face which is why it’s so important to choose a stylist who really knows her (or his) stuff! If you have a round face and you’re trying to make your face look slimmer, there are special techniques you can use to make that happen. By creating a slimming effect on the face, you can make your whole body look slimmer. It’s a trick that lots of celebrities use and now you can too!

Face - smiling woman with great bangs
Face – smiling woman with great bangs (Photo credit: GregPC)

First of all, there are some hairstyles that are decidedly not slimming for the face. Hairstyles that are not slimming are those that make the eyes move from side to side rather than up and down. In other words, you need to have plenty of volume at the top of the head, very little volume on the side of the head, and then, ideally, some length at the bottom of the hair. A hair style that can accomplish these goals will slim down the look of the face by causing the eyes to move vertically from top to bottom. By stacking extra volume on top of the head without adding volume to the side, you can make your face appear longer and therefore slimmer than it actually is.

There are plenty of hair styles used to accomplish this goal of creating length to the face. A short hair cut that emphasizes volume on top of the head is, of course a good choice. Layers are allowed as long as they don’t contribute to extra volume at the cheek bones or jaw line. A gentle curve along the side of the face and bottom that helps the hair sit closer to the head is important.

A classic shag hair style can be a good choice for an all-around slimming effect. This style has plenty of volume up top while diminishing the width of the face along the sides. Feathered layers help draw attention away from the roundness of the head creating the illusion of a more oval-shaped face.

Talk with your stylist to find the best hair style for your face shape. It might be valuable to create layers that sweep inward to emphasize some of your best features, but no matter what, you need to make sure that you hair is voluminous on top, but relatively flat at the sides. As long as you create a vertical emphasis using the hair style, you’ll create a slimming appearance. And once you make your face look thinner, the rest of your body will appear slimmer as well.

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