From Short to Long: Transitional Hairstyles

There are so many short hair cuts to choose from, but sooner or later, short gets boring. Lots of women turn to longer do’s when their short hair isn’t doing it for them anymore. But not all short hairstyles grow out well. In fact, most short hair cuts are hard to nurture into long flowing hair. Those awkward eras between short and long when your hair literally won’t do anything that you want it to are hard to avoid, but there is hope. If you’re wanting to transition from super short into a longer hair do, you simply need to choose the right short hair cut that will grow out well to make the change as fun and as easy as you can.

Short Hair - Side
Short Hair – Side (Photo credit: JPH – Juleskills)

First of all, if you have a “boy cut” and you want long hair you’re going to have to visit your salon regularly to keep things moving along in the right direction. The hair on the back of your head will need to be cut so that it’s the same length as the hair on the front of the head. Otherwise, you might end up with a mullet-phase that could be hard to live down. Instead, slowly transition your boy cut into a do that has the covering hair cut to all the same length from front to back.

Lots of women opt to get a pixie hair cut when they decide to grow out their hair from long to short. This do can slowly evolved into stepped haircut which generally looks good at any length. Though you may have a week or two here or there where your hair is in that in-between phase, the pixie cut is a great place to start, the transitional stages are totally tolerable, and you should get a thrill out of the changes that happen naturally as your hair is growing. Don’t be afraid to visit the salon every now and then to get a trim and make the look more amenable if your hair needs it though.

A bob may also be a good starting block for transitioning to long hair. You’ll need to go see your stylist to thin out the bottom ends of your hair on a regular basis so that you don’t end up with some weird flips and poofs at the ear. It’s important to have your stylist help you do the thinning. If the hair is thinned too much, the results can be even more awkward in the grow-out phase than when you started. A regular visit to your salon while your transitioning can make a big difference between hating your hair while it grows out or enjoying the various lengths that it goes through as it gets longer.

If all else fails, you could also try hair extensions to get a jump start on a longer look. Extension can definitely make transitioning easier and the abrupt change from short to long can be fun. Talk to your stylist to decide which option is right for you.