The Perils of Dyeing Your Own Hair

Though the aisle of hair color that you see at the grocery store can give off the impression that dyeing your hair is an easy and lax affair, in reality it just isn’t always wise. True, some women go home with a box from the grocery store and end up with acceptable results, but it’s rare for the average civilian to use a little box from Wal Mart to end up with fabulous results. Dyeing your own hair can seem fun and bold if you’re in the right mood, but after it’s done and the results are in, often women feel raw, vulnerable, and terrified. What have I done? Is a common phrase uttered by women who could have gone to the salon instead. If you’re considering dyeing your hair on your own, first consider some of the possible cons to taking this task on solo.

Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hair
Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all, it’s hard to reach the back of your head. Indeed, you can’t see the back of your head without arranging a set of mirrors just so. Though you may be great at brushing the hair on the back of your head, dyeing it is something different entirely. You need to be able to look at the hair…closely. If you don’t get good coverage on the back of your head, you might not even know it. You may have blonde showing through a deep red color, which would be embarrassing if you were aware of it. It can make a big difference just having someone there to help you do the back part of your hair, but better yet, go to a stylist where they’ll meticulously dye every strand of hair using the right tools and high-quality stuff that won’t fry your locks.

Speaking of frying your hair, even with the best intentions, boxed hair dye kits can really do a number on your dreads. Healthy hair is generally more attractive than hair that’s full of split ends no matter what the color. If you choose the wrong hair dye product, though you could end up with deep black to bright blonde hair that’s riddled with split ends. Worse, you could end up with hair that’s breaking off right up to the roots, especially if you’ve dyed your hair (without letting it grow out) before using a cheaper, store-bought product. Women who have had large portions of their hair break off at the scalp always wish they had just paid the money and taken the time to go to the salon. If you’ve dyed your own hair in the past without letting it regrow and you’re thinking of forging ahead with a new hair color on your own, think again. Have a stylist evaluate your situation and use a product that won’t cause all your hair to fall out.