Easy Tips for Volume Infused Hair – Oklahoma City

Everyone wants a luxurious mane of hair and people who have thin hair often feel depressed. However there is nothing to despair about as there are many ways you can make your hair look thicker and heavier no matter what the texture or length of your hair. So for any special occasion you can create a lush look by following some of the tips mentioned in this article.


No matter what the current fashion and styling trends are, one thing is for sure: thick, luxurious hair will always be in demand and everyone wants to try out different treatments for infusing volume in their hair. Many professional hairstylists offer great treatments which increase hair volume and make it luxuriously thick.

Here are some tips for creating volume in your hair:

Cleanse: The first step to creating volume in your hair is to shampoo it and then condition it. Use a rinse –off conditioner at this stage as you will be using a leave in conditioner at a later phase. Make sure that you use hair product that suit your hair type. Before you shampoo your hair make sure that you have detangled it to avoid any breakage afterwards.

Apply Conditioner: Now it’s time to apply a leave-in conditioner starting from the beginning of the ears to the end of the hair. After applying and detangling the whole of your hair, rinse hair with lukewarm water. Make sure that you get rid of all the conditioner, otherwise your hair will look stiff once you have dried them and applied additional products.

Apply Additional Products: Now it’s time to apply other leave-in products such as a defrisant and styling mousse. Styling your hair will be very easy if you use the hair product that suits your hair type. If you do not want to use a mousse, you can use hair spray at the end of the regimen to boost your hair volume and keep it that way for the whole evening.

Blow-Dry: Now you need to take small sections of hair, wrap them around a small, round brush and once you are done, you roll the hair with your fingers and pin that section to your scalp so that it can dry and set. Make sure that you take small sections of hair and blow-dry them to get a much better result. You need to repeat the entire process with all your hair and once you have pinned all the sections to your hair, you have to allow them time to cool and set.

Final Touches: It is time to remove the pins. Slowly remove every pin, but before you do, take every section of hair and tease the hair beneath the pin a little bit. This will give added volume to your hair. Once you have removed all the pins, style your hair according to your choice.

These simple steps will help you enhance the volume of your hair considerably and give you the amazing look and feel you always wanted.