Hairstyles for Every Occasion – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

A woman's hair before and after using a flat iron
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We all care about clothes and hairstyles. All of us want to look glamorous at least once in a while. Here are some hairstyles that can make you look special for every occasion and help you look trendy every other day too.

Here are some “tips with strips” to put your “strands in bands.”

Lift the hair toward the back in a bun and you can put a black or satin strip on for a seductive look. This hairstyle will best be expressed in all its glory on formal occasions.

You can have your hair curled  and put in a pony-tail. If you want to look trendy every day, you can just put on a hair-band with any interesting design. If you have a special event, you can just put on a different strip with more dressy designs.

Also you can have your hair zigzag curled. Use less strands. Also you can use a hair-band and tie it in the root of hair. You can lift up your curls with clips. For a more glamorous look use sparkling clips or you can even use a scarf.

Long hair can be fixed this way: pull hair back from the front tightly against the scalp. The back of the hair can then be lifted in a relaxed bun. Although the hair seems to be messy it is this characteristic that makes it a special charm.

Make tiny braids, and then disentangle them. Lift up some sections of hair and form a “freaky” hairstyle for special occasions.

Brilliantly straightened hair looks sophisticated and not too formal, which means that you can carry on business dinners, but also go to a baseball game or auto races.

If you are courageous enough and want to have a rock chic look you can ask your stylist to lift up the upper section of hair and straighten the lower layers. This will create a dramatic dynamic in your hair and give it a new and original look.

If you want to look casual, there is always a simple hairstyle for you. The most ordinary hair worn down, curled a little on the ends is great for more relaxed situations such as walking around town, college or school and just going about everyday chores.

All of us want to look beautiful on ceremonial occasions such as weddings, celebrations, glamorous dinners etc. In these occasions we need a special look. The best way to look glamorous is to consult your hairdresser.