Wild 2013 Hair Color Trends

For those of us who live on the wild side, so-called “normal” hair colors just won’t do. In 2013, that’s okay because a lot of the hair colors that are becoming popular aren’t typical at all. Women who want to try something radically different can get away with it this year without wandering too far away from the trends. So take courage and get ready to try something new and perhaps even a bit unnatural in hair color.

Susan Sarandon at the premiere of Speed Racer ...
Susan Sarandon at the premiere of Speed Racer at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pastel hues are among some of the more off-beat options in hair dye for women who aren’t afraid of trying anything once. These fashion hair colors can be applied to an entire head of hair used as high-lights. Very light blondes with longer hair can dip the ends in pastel shades of pink or blue to end up with an effect reminiscent of hard candy. All-over pastels shades of pink, blue, green, or purple hair color for shorter hair styles will likely be popular this summer. Experts believe that purple will probably be the most popular color by fall.

Even stranger than pastel shades is silver and gray hair. That’s right! Young women are sporting hair that’s been dyed various metallic shades of gray! If you strive to stay ahead of the pack in terms of fashion, this trend may be the one to grab onto. Matte gray as well as shimmering hues of silver are edgy options for women who aren’t afraid to try something innovative. On young women with lighter skin tones, a silvery hue with pastel pink highlights can be quite attractive. Older women, of course, can make use of the new silvery colors to update their look as well to enhance the gray color that they already have.

Although many of the red hair colors on the market today can be quite normal, 2013 shades of red are less so. Cherry red hair colors have been around for a little while already and the popularity of this shade of dye is expected to continue along with pastels and silver gray shades. There are a number of different hues of red that have made an appearance over the past few months and all of them are head-turners. Firetruck red, copper-toned red colors, and fashion reds are all popular, representing a return to the vintage trends of the 1930’s and 1960’s.

Rather than doing something typical, women this season are encouraged to try out some of these fashion colors and enjoy the vibrance of the season. Though it takes some courage to walk on the wild side, the latest hair colors, though a bit strange, offer excellent results for a smooth and sleek finish. So take a chance and see what some of the 2013 hair colors have to offer!