Selecting the Right Hair Color for your Skin Tone – Oklahoma City

Hair colors make you look stylish and amazingly sexy ­– but only if they are the right ones according to your skin tone. Your natural skin complexion goes a long way in determining which hair color suits you best. After all, getting your hair colored can be an expensive process and you want to make sure that the one you have selected is the best tone and option for your complexion.

Whether you are buying your hair color or just going to your New York hairstylist, it is important to ensure that you have chosen the right hair color. There are many different hair colors and hues available in the market nowadays you might look good in many of them, but the main goal is to choose the one that will bring out the best in your features and complexion.

Here is a simple guide to the best suited hair colors according to your skin type:

Dark Skin

If you have a lovely, healthy dark complexion, you must also have dark hair which is the trickiest one when it comes to choosing the right hair color. Usually, you should take your natural hair color as a guide to which tones will suit you. However, having said that, it does not mean that only the dark tones will suit you. If you want to go for blonde hair, choose a caramel or chocolate blonde tone. It will complement your natural skin tone and bring out natural features.

Usually brown tones go best with a dark skin tone so you can try out any hue of brown and it will suit you to the bone. Red is an interesting yet trick tone which more often than not, creates a horrible effect if treated wrong. If you have dark skin, don’t go for a shocking tone of red. Ask your Manhattan hairstylist to fix you a nice warm copper red that suits your tone. Again if you aren’t sure, stick to a simpler color tone.

Pale Skin

There are two tones in pale skin: pale cool and pale warm. If you have pale cool skin, the best possible hair color for you is pale blonde. To create a more natural look, ask your hairstylist to give you a lot of highlights and lowlights. On the other hand, if you have pale warm skin you should opt for an ash blonde hue as that will bring out the natural pinkness in your complexion.

Other tones that might suit you are amber, copper and a light brown.

Olive Skin

Olive skin tone looks amazingly gorgeous if you have the perfect hair color to go with it. Try warm shades of blonde such as caramel and toffee to bring out your natural features. You can always ask your hairstylist to throw in a few highlights and lowlights to make it look sexier. If choosing a brunette tone, you should always stick to the lighter tones and add highlights to amplify the effect. If going for red, choose subtle tones or go for dark auburn.