Risks in Coloring Your Own Hair

With any home coloring job there is a chance that something will go wrong. You could pick the wrong color shade, or an improper combination of chemicals could damage your hair so badly that an immediate protein or deep conditioning treatment is in order.

Hair coloring
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These risks are especially prominent when you color your hair in your home. No one likes to be excited, at first, about getting a new hair color only to be disappointed by a different shade than they expected or unnaturally dry hair. Why take the risk of serious damage to your hair, when there are reliable and experienced hairstylists out there who can help?

While the chances of having a bad color job are reduced when you go to a stylist, the fact of the matter is, even if you get your hair colored by a professional, there is still a chance that the stylist may improperly mix the chemicals into your hair and you’ll get the same bad results you would if you did it yourself.

If you get a bad coloring job from your stylist and you think that you can fix it at home, you are sadly mistaken. Simply trying to cover one color with another can damage your hair beyond all repair short of a drastically short haircut. If your hair is badly damaged, it make take a few trips to the salon to get it back to looking fabulous. If you walk out of the salon and find out at home there is something wrong with the color — whether it be the color itself or apparent damage — return to the salon within 72 hours to reverse the damage and come out of the ordeal on top. You don’t have to settle for a bad color job, just because you think there’s nothing you can do about it. If they can’t fix it, find a talented colorist who can.

It’s important to depend on a stylist who has a lot of experience in hair coloring. I have years of experience doing and repairing (from others’ mistakes) even the most difficult of color jobs. Do you want deep black hair, even though your natural hair color is light blonde? I can make it happen, and your hair will leave the salon as healthy as it came in.

Don’t put the health and appearance of your hair at risk, make an appointment or call Anastasia for a consultation today and we’ll see what we can do for you, whether you’re just getting a new hair color or need to fix your previous color disaster. I guarantee you’ll leave the salon happy.