Raise the Roof with Root Boost

Today’s hairstyles demand a lot from your hair. One of the hottest trends now is volume. Bigger hair is back baby! Runway and style shows are featuring hair that has height and fullness. Redkin artist Tracy Guthry takes height and sculpture to a new level in her Smoulder collection. Hair is transformed to a work of art with product application, back-brushing and hand molding. Faatemah Ampey creates movement and height in her new Fashion Forward collection. Hair of lifted and given height with an illusion of movement. While you might not be as adventurous as the models in these collections, root booster can give you as much height and volume as you dare to sport.

Big hair 80's model on white background, 1986
Image by | El Caganer via Flickr

Roost booster is a product that you spray onto the roots of your hair when it is wet or dry. It helps to give your hair volume right at the roots to transform flat and thin hair to beautifully full and thick. Bed Head by TIGI is a light fruity scented spray that gives lift and volume. TIGI’s Catwalk Root Boost was designed to deliver maximum design control. Like the name implies, you can get catwalk hair with this product. There are several brands of root boost on the market. Consult your stylist for one that works well with your hair.

One of the most popular styles today can benefit from a root booster. Long layered hair looks fabulous with a bit of lift at the crown. After you shampoo and condition your hair, lightly towel dry it to get out the excess moisture. Section off your hair starting at the front hairline and continue in small sections to just below your crown. Spray the booster on your hair’s roots. You don’t need much so don’t overdo. Use a large round brush and take small sections starting at your crown pulling your hair up at the roots. Direct the flow of air from your dryer onto the brush holding your hair up. Try to get most of the hot air onto your roots. Once your roots are almost dry, draw the brush up to your ends following it with the dryer. By concentrating the hot air flow to your roots first, this helps the root boost hold the height and lift you will obtain from this method.

Short and medium styles become works of art with root boost. Use the same method as before and concentrate the heat of your blow dryer on your roots first. When applied to dry hair root boost gives you the option to refresh your drooping locks. Use you fingers to style and you’ve got a killer look. Use root booster to give your style new life and you a new look.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.