Hair Color to Complement Your Skin Tone – Oklahoma City Hair Color Salon

Most women don’t take their skin tone into consideration when choosing a hair color, but they should. The color of a woman’s hair can make the skin look pale or dull. You may have your eye on a color that looks fun or radical, but only your stylist can really help you find the hue for your skin tone. Impulsively choosing a hair color based entirely on whether or not you like the way it looks on the box won’t lead to great or even good results. You need to make sure that your hair color complements your complexion to give your skin a radiant look that will encourage complements from everyone you know.

English: Woman with natural red hair
English: Woman with natural red hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It makes sense that the color of your hair is going to affect the way light rays bounce off your face. The right color choice can make your face look brighter (in a positive way) by given you the look of someone who is sitting in a warm candle lit room. Many women are surprised to learn that by choosing the right color, they can make their skin tone look more even. Choosing the wrong color, in contrast, can cause a woman’s face to look like she’s sitting under harsh fluorescent lights. It isn’t always easy to know what color choice would work best for you. It won’t necessarily be the box of hair color that appeals to you from the shelf.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the hair color that makes us look our best. Indeed, many women need a little help to get the color just right. Spending time in the sun can lead to hair color problems that are unflattering up against certain skin tones. For example, women with an olive skin tone and a slightly copper tinge to their hair can end up looking sallow. Your stylist will be able to identify the best hair color for your skin tone to make sure that you won’t end up with a hue that brings out the worst in your skin tone.

Women with warm skin tones that are golden, olive, or dark should stick with warm, golden shades of hair color (not copper). Jet black hair should be avoided as well as hair colors that are lighter than the skin tone. Super-dark hair color can make women with warm skin tones look washed out. And making a woman with warm skin tones into a blonde can be a delicate process that should only be attempted by an experienced stylist. Otherwise the final results could be hideous.

Women with cool skin tones, in contrast, often have blue or green eyes and their skin tends to burn before it tans. If you fall into this category, avoid colors that feature gold or auburn because they’ll make your skin look ruddy. Instead an ash blonde or cool brown color will work best.