Special Occasions: What to Do with Long, Thin Hair – OKC Hair Stylist

Is it really necessary go the full distance and wear a dramatic updo for a big event? Many women with long hair feel like it’s necessary to pull their hair up into something tall and dramatic for special occasions, but it definitely isn’t required. Women with long, thin hair may actually be better off leaving their hair down for a more elegant and natural look. Long hair, whether thin or thick be done up in a wide variety of ways for special occasions with just a short trip to the salon. If you’re getting ready for a big day (or night), visit with you stylist to find out about all the different updo or down-do options that would be an option for you.

Picture of the back of a woman's head, with he...
Picture of the back of a woman’s head, with her hair in a braided bun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 1980’s have inspired all kinds of fashion trends as well as hair styles that have been renovated for a more modern age. For example, side braids have made a big comeback and women with long hair can make the most of this style with a little help from their stylist. Though not the easiest to do if you’re working alone, side braids are relatively quick and simple if you go to a salon. Get a loose or messy braid or one that is styled more tightly, depending on the event and what you plan to wear. Side braids come in several different varieties and they can be done in several different directions on your head to get the most flattering look.

Another option for women with long, thin hair is the bun. Everyone knows what a bun is, but these days, many women are wearing them down lower at the nape of the neck. Done properly, a bun can make your hair look full and elegant. With the help of a stylist, you can hit the town with a bun that looks sophisticated and fashionable.

And then there’s the hair pouf, which is a style that’s definitely unique and eye-catching. Backcombing and bobby pins are necessary to get the look right along with super-strong hair spray. Your stylist can help you get the look right without leaving bobby pins exposed or hairs out of place. A bump hairpiece can help add volume to the topmost part of the head. The extra lift can help make this style attention-grabbing and give your thin hair the look of more volume and thickness.

Rather than all up or all down, a half-up, half-down hairstyle for long, thin hair can be quite appealing. Using special salon-grade products, your stylist will be able to create a look of volume to your hair and perhaps a few waves. A few tendrils around the face can add to the femininity of this look.

Even though your hair is thin, you can still maximize the effects of a special occasion do if you have long tresses. Visit your stylist to learn more about how your long hair can be done up (or down) into styles that will complement your outfit and look appropriate at the big event.