Hair Color Retouch – Don’t Show your Roots!

Don’t make everyone stare at those roots – get your color retouched, save money and look natural!

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We all know the benefits of having a great hair color!  It can enhance our features and make us look like a million bucks.  It can make us look younger, thinner and stylish.  You may think to yourself that you cannot afford great hair color, but think again!  Yes, the first time a stylist goes in and does an all over color and possibly adds highlights or lowlights – you will end up paying a little.  Don’t look at this cost as an ongoing cost; this will be your initial investment into making yourself the envy of all.

Once you have made your initial investment, you can save yourself money by getting regular hair color retouches.  Not only has the dark roots style gone out of fashion (thankfully), it doesn’t look good on anyone!  Regular color retouches save you time and money, because you are not doing an all over color.  Your stylist is not using as much product on your hair and isn’t spending as much time with you as they would with an all over color.  This saves your stylist time and money and those time and cost savings get passed on to you.

Hair color retouches should be done at least every four weeks.  You can modify this by the rate at which your hair grows, but four weeks is the general rule.  In order to make sure you keep on top of those roots, go ahead and pre-book regular, standing appointments with your stylist.  This will reserve your slot and,, when it is time to get your roots touched up, you won’t have to wait two or more weeks to get in.  If you have gray hair that you do not want discovered, talk to your stylist – they might recommend seeing you more often than every four weeks.  When you stick to the same stylist, you will see that they get to know your hair and can make recommendations based on your hair rather than the norm. That’s one reason choosing a great stylist from the beginning is important.

A hair color retouch will make the hair color you are wearing look more natural.  If people don’t ever get to see a lot of your roots, they will envy the perfection of your color.  Some people may even think that your color is natural.  Regular hair color retouching will keep your hair healthier.  Once you have let your roots go too long you will need an all over color again which, if done too often, can be drying and damaging to your hair.  When it is just your roots getting the color, your hair is more likely to stay healthy and shiny.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.