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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you can let your style slip. Eye-catching winter highlights for hair can be just what you need to stay edgy and stylish. Winter highlights are a great choice because everyone could use a heavy dose of color during the cold, dark months of the year and usually, by spring and summer, you hair will be ready for something new (and so will you). There are lots of hot color options available for winter 2014. If your style is in need of a boost, consider one of these highlighting schemes to bring out your best features!

Girl with blonde hair
Girl with blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ombre highlights are still in this season, but there’s a new twist on this old favorite! Rather than just lightening the ends of the hair as in the traditional ombre look, instead consider getting your ends dipped in a more exciting color like red or even purple! Bright, less natural-looking colors can really spice up your look this winter! But, if you’re not brave enough to sport punk-inspired colors, perhaps a dip in a burgundy or red solution is in order. Red tips are a nice surprise! Talk with your stylist about getting the right hue to complement your natural hair color!

If you have blonde hair, some rich copper tones can help give some warmth to your look this winter. The copper highlights will be subtle and won’t necessarily stand out against the rest of your hair, but instead will simply enliven your overall look. If you just need a pick-me-up and don’t want anything dramatic, some copper highlights can bring out the best in your blonde hair.

Though most women end up going darker during the winter months, sometimes it’s okay to break the rules! Consider getting your hair frosted with some beige-colored highlights if you have brown or light-brown hair. Frosting can give you a refreshing look of vitality and bring a little bit of summertime to your world. You can choose a highlighting color that will either make jaws drop or barely be noticed depending on whether you want to create a look that really stands out or something more natural-looking.

For braver souls with naturally dark chocolate-colored hair, chunks of deep blue or purple can add a surprising twist to your look. Even the most respectable women can benefit from a zing of color even if it’s just one small chunk of hair along the side of the face. These days, there are some gorgeous dark colors to choose from that will look good at the office or after work. If you’re hoping to do something that catch some attention, talk with your stylist about blue or purple highlights for darker hair. No doubt, people will notice the change.

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