Hairstyles in the News May 23, 2011 – Hairdresser Oklahoma City

Welcome to this week’s edition of Hairstyles in the News! Summer is in full swing and you may feel it is time for a new style or color. Take a look at what celebrities are up to this week and see if you find a look you want to try out.
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Big hair is back with Sarah Jessica Parker and Cheryl Cole showing up to events with huge back combed dos. Think Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda in the 1970’s. Delta Burke also had high hair back in the 1980’s, as did most of us who were over 25 during that time. No matter what the detractors say, big hair is feminine and very glamorous.
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Summer is a time to lighten up and Mary J. Blige has very pretty blonde highlights for this summer. You can go bold and chunky like Mary did, or you can have a more subtle sunkissed look with highlights sprinkled throughout your hair. Your stylist can give you the look you want and the right color combination to bring out the sun in your hair.
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Natural hair is still in style this season. Solange Knowles has beautiful natural hair twisted and styled into an afro. This is a popular look for women with ethnic hair. Natural hair looks the best with regular trims and deep conditioning.
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Summer is not only a great time to try a lighter shade, but to switch up your look and try out one of the gorgeous brunette shades this season. Jennifer Lawrence has had her hair colored to a warm brunette that really brings out her beautiful features.

George Clooney and Will Smith both have examples of one of the easiest styles to maintain for men. Ask your stylist for a fade or a box cut. George has his hair almost all one length while Will has more length on top to balance out his features. This is a cool and polished look for any man.

Be bold and daring this season and try out one of these looks. Your stylist can tailor a style to meet your life style demands and facial shape. Ask her about the right color for your complexion and let her create a new look for you this summer.

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