Hair Cuttery Offers Free Hair Cuts to Disadvantaged Kids

It’s something that a lot of us don’t have to think about. When the beginning of the school year rolls around, we worry that our kids won’t have the right styles or won’t fit in and take them clothes shopping. They get their hair cut and we do what we can to make them feel good about themselves. But for those who can’t afford to engage in this ritual, it can be distressing. That’s why the Hair Cuttery in Arlington Massachusetts is doing something about it. For every child who goes to the salon in August for a back-to-school haircut, the salon will donate a hair cut to a disadvantaged child in the community.

Hairstyle (Photo credit: Frédéric Renaud)

It’s a great idea. Disadvantaged kids will be given a special voucher that will be good through the middle of November, allowing them to look and feel good about themselves along with their more well-to-do classmates. What’s so amazing and laudable about the Hair Cuttery is that this is the largest family owned chain of hair salons in the country which means that they’re making a pretty hefty donation to their cause. The Share-a-Haircut program is expected to donate over $1.6 million over the course of the year. And this isn’t the first year that it’s been done either. The Hair Cuttery has been doing Share-a-Haircut for 14 years now and over 700,000 kids have benefited from the program.

Preparing for a new school year is important for kids. Inevitably, children change over the course of the summer and new clothes and a new look can help them demonstrate their progress as people. Parents remember being in school and they know it’s important, if not vital, for their child to feel good about themselves. High self-esteem can translate into better focus and feelings of belonging. Parents do their best to make sure that kids get to feel good about the way they look when it’s time for the school year to start again.

Getting a free hair cut can really make a difference for kids who don’t have the money to spruce up their appearance. Styles are always changing regularly and kids are especially adept at noticing others who just aren’t keeping up with the times. It may be a small gesture, but it still makes a difference in the lives of the kids and families it helps. Donors are also welcome to contribute to the cause and offer financial support to the program to help reach more kids.

The Hair Cuttery works with a number of local government organizations and community projects to distribute hair cuts where they’re most needed. The Share-a-Haircut program will be carried out by almost 900 salons throughout the United States.