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Women aren’t the only ones who want to switch up their looks and have fun with their hair. Hairstyles for guys can be fun and sexy, too. If your guy needs a makeover or you want to update your look, here’s some ideas for sexy hairstyles for guys.

Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlotte on the popular HBO show True Blood, has scruffy and sexy down to an art. His medium length layered look is easy going and easy to maintain.
Style News

Ben Affleck recently has his hair cut in a shaggy cut that is sexy and gives him a completely different look. This is another cut that is easy to maintain and style.

Robert Downey, Jr. wears his hair in a messy layered look that is shorter on the sides and long on the top. This gives him many styling options, he can spike it up or wear it combed back depending on his mood.
The Hair Styler

Zac Effron has been wearing a faux hawk for quite some time. If you like this style, you can style it many different ways. Wear the front spiked toward the front with the sides smooth, combed toward the back or combed toward the front.
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Jay Manuel is known for his role on America’s Top Model. His signature look is bleached gray hair with close cropped sides and spiked top. His look is a modified flat top with a modern edge. This is a great look for fashion forward guys.

These are just a few example of hot hairstyles for me. If you find one or two you like, ask your stylist to tailor it to your face shape and lifestyle. If you find a hairstyle you like, get a picture of it and give it to your stylist so she can see exactly what you want. She can also recommend the right professional styling products to keep you looking good.

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