Why It Pays to be Loyal to Your Stylist

To have a good hairstylist is like finding a gold mine. An experienced hairstylist knows how to cut your hair, how to help you to care for it and she can watch for any signs of problems that may develop through the years. Some people like to flit about to a different stylist each time they need a haircut. This is their right, but they are doing themselves a disservice because they never really know what type of cut they are going to receive. It’s sort of like playing Russian Roulette with your hair. You may come out looking good or you may come out of the salon scalped or with an uneven cut.

Cover of "Cut Your Hair"
Cover of Cut Your Hair

There are many benefits of developing a relationship with your stylist and sticking with her. One is that she will know your hair and it’s natural wave patterns. Knowing how your hair lies and how it will react to certain types of cuts helps her to tailor the cut you want to your hair type so that you will be happy with the results. Your regular stylist will also be more likely to tell you if a haircut will not work with your hair type or your facial shape. A stylist that you do not know may not care if the cut looks good after you leave, but your regular stylist wants you to look good and to continue to come back to her.

Your regular stylist also knows your scalp and can let you know if anything is developing that you should be concerned about. She will know if some unusual hair loss is just because of the change of seasons or if you have a scalp condition you need to seek medical treatment for. This is an important benefit of staying with one stylist. Hairstylists are trained to recognize potential problems that may develop into more serious conditions and your regular stylist knows your scalp and can recognize any changes.

If you stay with your stylist and get your hair colored, she knows the formula that works best on your hair and you will get consistent results. It does make a difference in your color if you keep changing salons and stylists because not everyone uses the same line of color. An experienced stylist will have several color lines and knows which line works best on your hair. This is especially important as we age and strive to cover up the gray. Some people’s gray hair is very hard to color and if you have a regular stylist she will have found that magic formula that works best for you and can give you the coverage you want each and every time.

It may be tempting to try out a new salon or a new stylist, but if you find one that is good and you like her try to stick with her. It will benefit you and your hair and you may have found a friend that not only takes good care of your hair, but appreciates your loyalty.

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