Tips for Children’s Hair

Children’s hair can be a challenge. It is prone to tangles since it is so fine and no one enjoys the ritual of trying to comb hair that has become a rat’s nest. You can avoid the tears and drama with a few tips and tricks.

Start with a great cut. Simple is the best when it comes to children’s hair. Avoid any styles that require a lot of time and effort since mornings are hectic and you need to get your son or daughter dressed and out the door and on time for school.

Apply anit-frizz and de-tangler after washing your child’s hair. This will keep it smooth and save time and tears.

Boy’s hair can be worn short in a fade or longer in a shaggy skater style. You may want to keep it short when your son is very young and then let him wear it longer as he approaches his teen years. Think of the Sprouse twins on the Disney Channel. Their hair is a good example of a shaggy yet simple boy’s style that is easy to care for.

Girls look good in a bob or medium length hairstyle with bangs that can be worn down, pulled back in a ponytail, with a hairband, braids or the classic pig-tails. Avoid layers in young girl’s hair. They can cause tangles and require more time and effort to maintain.

If your child’s hair is naturally curly, don’t try to fight the texture. Use anti-frizz products, mousse or gel to keep it from becoming unruly.

Hair clips and barrets are lifesavers for girl’s hair. They can control fly aways and pull your daughter’s hair out of her face with minimal effort.

Try to wash your child’s hair at night and make sure it is dry before they go to bed. This will keep them from waking up with “bedhead” and save you time in the morning. If your daughter has very long hair you may want to braid it loosely before she goes to bed to keep it from becoming tangled during the night. Your stylist can help you find a hairstyle that is easy to care for and keeps your child looking their best.

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