Sock Buns Make it Easy for Anyone to Enjoy an Elegant Hairstyle

Buns are a wonderful way for any lady to add a sophisticated and classic look to her hair. In the past, obtaining that often-elusive perfect bun was anything but easy. These days, though, it is not only easy, it is also quick to start with your hair down and end up with a perfect bun just a few minutes later. It takes only a few items you probably already have – including an unwanted sock.

hair bun photo
Photo by fuzzcat

The Bun That is Really a Sock

To get started making a perfect bun, gather your materials. You need a clean sock that you don’t use anymore. Try to find a sock whose color closely matches your own hair color so that the material will not be seen through the strands of your hair. You will also need a hair elastic and a brush or comb.

Prepare Your Sock

Prepare your sock by choosing one that is no longer than mid-shin length. You can also use a sock that is ankle length. Avoid using a sock that is longer than your shin since the excess material can easily bunch up. Cut the tip of your sock off at the seam, if possible, and make the edges straight. Try to choose a sock that will not fray at the edges and that does not “shed” very much.

The Procedure

Start by using the elastic to put your hair in a ponytail. Think carefully about the spot where you put your ponytail as that will also be where your bun will end up. Roll up your sock so that it looks like a doughnut and thread all of your hair through it. Pull the rolled up sock to the end of your ponytail and start tucking the strands of your hair around the sides of the sock and in its middle.

Completing Your Bun

Gently roll the sock down toward your scalp while holding the tucked-in edges of your hair in the middle of the sock. This process will help the sock become covered by your hair. In order to make the bun as secure as possible and to cover the sock completely, rotate the sock as you roll it toward the base of your ponytail.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Once your sock bun has been rolled to the base of your ponytail, tuck gently on the edges to make sure the sock is completely covered and not visible through the strands of your hair. If necessary, secure it with bobby pins. Lightly spritz the bun with hair spray and you are finished.

The sock bun is also ideal for many cuts of hair including those that are layered. This makes the sock bun the perfect choice for a look that is both elegant and sophisticated without requiring that you lose your beloved layers.

Cutting your hair in a way that’s versatile, easy, and fun is my job. Let me style you so you can switch from elegant to casual with a few twists of the hand. Contact me for an appointment, now.