How to Curl Short Hair Without Burning Your Scalp or Fingers

Short hair is in style this season and looks great with a bit of curl and body. But short hair can post its own set of challenges when you want to curl it. How can you add some life to your short do without burning your scalp or your fingers? Professional hairstylists have tricks that you can use at home to achieve the look you want.

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One of the most important things to do before you use high heat appliances on your hair is to protect it with a thermal protection product. Your stylist can recommend one that she feels is best for your hair’s particular needs. Apply a small amount on the roots and throughout your hair to protect it from the damage curling irons and hot rollers can cause to hair. If you color your hair this will also protect your color and help your hair to be curly and shiny.

Use a trick that professionals use in the salon, draw your hair up into your curling iron and hold a comb at the base of the curl against your scalp. As you curl your hair keep the comb on your scalp and this will provide a barrier that will protect your scalp from being burned. This also helps to protect your fingers since you will be resting the hot curling iron on the comb and not on your hands.

Use a small curling iron and small sections of hair. This will not only make it easier to curl, but it will help to prevent “hooks” at the end of your hair. Hooks are found on the ends of your hair and are caused by the ends not getting all the way into the curling iron or roller. This is a common problem in perms and if you’ve ever had a weird curl on the end of your hair from a perm, that is a hook.

Once you’ve curled your hair let it cool off before you style it. This will lock the curls in and make your style last longer. Now you can either use your fingers, a styling brush or a comb to style your hair. A quick spritz of hairspray and a bit of shine finish and you’re good to go.

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