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No one likes to think about hair loss, but for some men and women it is a fact of life. Genetics, medications, illness and severe hair styling can all cause hair loss. Only a doctor can tell you if your hair loss is caused by an illness or medication, but your stylist can help you to recognize hair loss and its possible cause. If you do have hair thinning or hair loss, don’t give up hope. There have been significant advances in hair loss treatment products and procedures in recent years. What was once a condition you’d just have to live with has become a condition that many times is very treatable. While you may not be able to regain all of the hair you have lost, depending on the underlying cause, you may be able to prevent future hair loss and thinning. But what are your options and do they really work?

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Surgical Procedures

Hair transplants are an option if you have experienced a significant amount of hair loss. The procedure can be painful since surgery is required. Basically how it works is a section of hair is harvested from an area of your body and transplanted onto your head. After the healing process, the hair follicles begin to produce hair and the areas transplanted usually look just like the rest of the hair on your head. The main drawbacks of surgical procedures are the cost and the pain involved.

Topical Treatments

Topical treatments have come a long way since the snake oil days of old. Today science has given people who have hair loss viable means to reverse and reduce the amount of hair loss they have experienced.

Nioxin, Rogaine and ProFollica are systems of products that when used together help to make your hair thicker and healthier looking. They work by stimulating the hair follicles and making the hair you have look and feel thicker. The drawback is you have to keep using the products and use the entire system together to see the best results.

Other topical treatments create a healthy environment on your scalp to encourage hair growth. These include Procerin, a combination of a topical application and supplement products; Corvinex is another combination of topical products and a nutritional supplement; and Revivogen claims to encourage hair growth and as an anti-thinning product.

These products are just a few of the over the counter products available today to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss and help you to have thicker feeling and looking hair. What works for you will depend upon the underlying cause of your hair loss. Your doctor has prescription medications that can help to retard hair loss and promote the regrowth of new hair, but some of these may carry unwanted side effects. Once you know why you’re losing hair, you can then seek out the best treatment for you.

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