Choppy Layers Give Thin Hair Volume

Thin hair can be a challenge to style. Many women naturally have thin hair and others find that as they age their hair becomes thinner. Hormonal changes during menopause and some health conditions can cause your hair to become thin later in life. Instead of resorting to wigs, there are some hairstyles you can try to give your hair the volume you want.
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Choppy layers are a great way to make your thin hair look thicker. You can wear your hair long like Gwenyth Paltrow or if you prefer, you can wear it medium length or short. Straight thin hair responds well to a choppy layered cut. This type of cut will also bring out the waves and curls of your hair. How you style your hair and what products you use will also make a difference.

Avoid heavy styling products that weigh hair down. Don’t over moisturize, use a light conditioner when you shampoo your hair. Oils in some conditioners can weigh your hair down making it look even thinner than it is. Use a root lifter and pull your hair up on your brush to direct the blow dryer’s stream onto the roots of your hair. This helps to give you volume and the root lifter will help keep your hair full. The old trick of blow drying your hair while you are bent over also helps to give you hair some extra oomph. Use a very small amount of styling paste or wax to fluff up your hair, be careful though not to use too much as these products can become heavy and waxy.

A great cut is your best option to get the volume you want. Ask your stylist to help you choose a choppy layered cut that will flatter your face shape and fit into your lifestyle. She can also recommend professional products to help give you volume and keep your hair looking its best.

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