How to Choose the Right Shade of Blonde Hair Color – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Blonde hair has always been considered sexy. Women and men have been trying to get the right shade of blonde for many years. Even women and men who have very dark hair can, with patience and the help of a talented hair color expert, achieve a lovely shade of blonde. When you are trying to choose the right shade of blonde there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Portrait of girl with straight, blonde hair
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Your skin has underlying tones of color, just like your hair. People with cool skin tones have a pink or ruddy color to their skin. Warm skinned individuals will have a peachy or gold tone to their skin. One way to tell if you are cool or warm is to look at the palms of your hands. This will tell you the underlying skin tone, and you can then know which shades of blonde will compliment your natural skin. Cool skin tones look best with ash, platinum, wheat and champagne blonde colors. Warm skin tones look good in gold, caramel and straw blonde tones. Ask your stylist to suggest the right shade of blonde, she will be able to formulate a color that will look best on you.

Another consideration is how dark your natural hair color is, and your hair’s natural underlying pigment. Very dark and black hair may need more than one treatment to get the shade and intensity of color you want. Your stylist may have to apply bleach a few times to get the pre-lightened color needed to bring your hair up to the level she needs to tone it to the correct color. It can be very damaging to your hair to apply bleach solution to your hair more often than a few weeks apart. This can cause breakage, dried out hair and an irritated scalp. If your stylist suggests you take it slow, listen to her to maintain the health of your hair and scalp.

If you’ve tried to color your hair at home and gotten results you don’t like, see your stylist. She can correct the color and give you the beautiful blonde tone you desire. Don’t take chances with your hair, let your stylist help you get the right blonde shade for your skin and hair.

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