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One of the hottest trends this season is pastel hair color. Whether you want to add just a touch of color or go all out, the choices are almost endless. Some of your options include dipped dyed ends, shots of color here and there, peek a boo highlights, light pastel highlights all over, and a full head of pastel color. Choose your favorite colors this season and ask your stylist for some pastel color.
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Blonde to blue is a stunning combination. In this picture honey blonde hair fades into a deep pastel blue. This combination is also very attractive on darker hair. Your stylist will have to bleach the ends of your hair first if you have dark brown or brunette hair to get this effect.

Pink to purple is one of the most popular pastel combinations. In this picture very light pastel pink deepens into almost lavender ends. The key to this look is a sealmess transition from one color to the next. You don’t want a line of demarcation to spoil this very pretty and feminine combination.

Silver hair is another hot trend, and when combined with black ends it creates a stark contrast. Women of all ages are embracing sliver gray as their hair color of choice. You can use any color for the ends, but this combination is very trendy right now.

If you’re daring enough, all over pastel color is an option. In this picture mint green hair plays off her eye color. You can use blue, purple, pink, orange, or any color you want for this look. Just remember if you have dark hair, it will need to be lightened first.

Ask your stylist about one of the hottest trends this season. She can help you choose the color combination and look right for you.

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