Dipped Dyed Hair is the Next Chic Trend – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

If you are adventurous you may want to give dipped hair a try. Dipped hair is exactly as it sounds. The ends of your hair are colored (dipped) with several different vibrant colors. This is a great look for lighter hair since the colors will show up better. If you have dark hair, your stylist can bleach the ends and then apply different combinations of bright colors.

Dipped hair is similar to peek a boo hair because you don’t color your entire head. It is also related to boho hair, but not all of the ends of your hair are colored. If you have layered hair the effect can be stunning with several layers of brightly colored hair falling down your back. Lauren Conrad is a celebrity that recently had her hair colored with the dipped hair technique. Bright colors such as fuchsia, electric blue, neon green and bright yellow combine to create a very trendy and chic look.

If you don’t want to make the commitment of permanent hair color, there are several temporary mousses and gels that will give you the look. These last until your next shampoo and are a good way to try out the look before you take the plunge. Ask your stylist which colors she recommends and you could be the next trendsetter on your block.

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