Michelle Obama Disses Bangs, But You Don’t Have To – OKC Hair Stylist

What Michelle Obama had to say about bangs is no lie. They can be a little irritating at times, but the attention that she got from her husband for her fringes tells the tale. Apparently, he loved her fresh look. Despite the fact that bangs take some maintenance time and represent a bit of a commitment, they’re definitely in this fall. And what’s best is that you can get the look of bangs this year without having to cut your hair. Side swept bangs are all the rage this coming autumn. Now you can have a brand new face framing look without having to deal with regrowth later on.

Election Hair
Election Hair (Photo credit: ultrakickgirl)

You may need a few bobby pins to get the look just right, but by pinning your hair to the side so that it sweeps across the forehead, you can get the appearance of bangs without all the fuss. Of course, you do need to have a hair cut that will support a creative approach to producing bangs, but you can talk to your stylist if you want to do your hair this way from time to time. Side swept bangs pinned into place are going to be quite popular this fall.

If the side swept look simply doesn’t suit you, you could go ahead and get bangs cut or you could use some of the new hair technologies that are out there to get the same look without having to commit. Faux bangs that can be pinned into place are becoming much more user friendly. Women today can visit their stylist and order faux bangs that will match their own natural hair perfectly. This is a great compromise for women who like to move with the trends but don’t want to worry about regrowth and that awkward transition period when bangs just get in the way.

For women who have decided to just go for it and deal with their own real bangs rather than attempting to fake it, there are ways to lessen to difficulties of regrowing the bangs to the length of the rest of the hair. Talk with your stylist about getting your bangs cut in a way that will ease the regrowing period and make it less awkward. Come up with a plan for how to regrow your hair into a style that will be easy for you to deal with and still sexy and appealing. Thinking ahead about transitioning out of a look that includes bangs can definitely make a difference when you’re ready to move on to a new style. Bangs don’t have to be “irritating” if you use the right tools and come up with a plan of action in advance for growing them out to a new length.