Hair Styling 101 for Guys – OKC Hair Stylist

Okay, guys it’s time you took a long, hard look in the mirror. Have you been working that same haircut since you’ve been in high school? Don’t worry! Most guys have the tendency to get stuck in a rut. “Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?” Here’s the thing though. If you’ve sported that same haircut for a full decade, well, then it is “broke” and it’s time to change the hair style. This is fairly easy and a very inexpensive way to change your style, appear younger, and get that modern good looking style.

A photo of the Skullet haircut, a variation of...
A photo of the Skullet haircut, a variation of the famous mullet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Besides, the haircut you’ve been using for the last 10 years, may not even be flattering to your face. Sure, it may have been in style 10 years ago, but your facial features change and so does fashion. As you mature, a flattering haircut can help you look younger – even if you aren’t. So how do you go about it? Well the following four tips can help you get that stylish look you really need.

1.  Get Motivated

You might think that the conventional Oklahoman buzz cut makes you look manly… But in reality, it just makes you look outdated. Just because you get a modern hair style doesn’t make you any less of a manly Oklahoman. To the contrary, and up-to-date style makes you look professional, clean-cut and ready for anything. You need to eliminate your fear of change. Yeah, I know, all Oklahomans are fearless. We can shoot, hunt, sky dive and rustle up those cattle, but when it comes to getting a haircut, well, let’s just say most of us just wimp out. Just remember – a haircut isn’t a life-threatening experience. Guys visiting a hairstyling salon is now the norm. And if you don’t like the new hairstyle, your hair will always grow back, so this isn’t something you should be worried about.

2. Get Prepared

Before going in to your hairstylists and asking for a change, let your hair grow out just a little. No, I don’t mean it’s time to go back to the hippie era. This means just let it grow out about a half inch to an inch more than you normally would. This gives your hairstylist a little something extra to work with.

3. Find a Style You Like

Look through pictures and magazines to find a style that might work for you. Ask your friends, your girlfriend or your best friend to give you their opinion. Remember, I haircut can really enhance your facial features and outplayed those that you don’t like. So opinions are important. Cut out those pictures that you like,  so you can take them to your hairstylist and ask for his or her opinion.

4. Your Hairstylist Is That Expert

Remember your stylist has been doing this for while, and he or she is trained to know why the haircut best flatter certain facial features. The stylist (although he always asks you what you want) is usually the person with the most experience in this area, and can usually make the best recommendation based on your hair growth pattern and hair type. That is after all why your stylist went to school – so take advantage of this training.


One of the hardest parts about getting a new hairstyle for guys, is learning how to style it. So, if you’re not great at hair maintenance person, ask for simple style. Remember, you can always ask for styling tips and techniques too. There is nothing to be ashamed of when asking these questions. Just look around you and you’ll see lots of real “GUYS” asking about hair styling tips and techniques.