Hairstyles in the News January 31, 2012

Welcome to this week’s Hairstyles in the News! At the recent SAG awards celebrities were dressed in their finest and had their hair styled to perfection on the red carpet. Several celebrities wore various styles of braids and headbands showing the current trends are still going strong. We also have an odd choice for hair color, and a very creative style carved into the head of a popular football star. Here’s what is up for this week.
Vancouver Sun

Jessica Lange was looking fabulous in a shoulder length wavy style. This is a great style for women over 40 because it softens their features and is very feminine. Many women who reach 40 feel they have to cut all of their hair off, but this isn’t true. As you can see, longer hair works on any age as long as it is styled to accent her face shape and bring out her best features.
Hollywood Life

Ashlee Simpson was looking very elegant and polished with her new short style. To get this look ask your stylist for a short bob and style it with a flat iron curling the ends under. Brush it out, apply some anti-frizz serum and a bit of hairspray for a smooth look.
OMG Yahoo UK

Diana Argon’s fishtail is a fresh take on braids. Fishtail braids are fairly easy to do. Instead of pulling the hair over to create a braid, pull it under and take hair from your head as you go. Diana’s style is a bit messy, but you can wear it this way or smooth.
OMG Yahoo UK

Busy Phillips was wearing a very popular take on braids to the SAG Awards. She wore her hair loose with a braid to the side in the front. The side part keeps the style from looking like a Swedish milkmaid and helps to create asymmetry.

Kelly Osbourne has always been on the forefront of fashion and recently she chose to have her hair colored gray. In a recent interview she said she had this done to give her hair a rest from all of the bleaching she has done to it. Younger celebrities are trying out gray for a change. The key is to have silver gray and not gold tones to keep your hair looking fresh.
Sports Yahoo

Tiquan Underwood, wide receiver for the New England Patriots, recently had his hair styled in a very creative way. His barber cut the Patriot’s logo into the back of his hair. Tiquan’s hair had already caused a stir with it’s Kid-n-Play play height, and now he’s added an even more interesting element to an already great style.

That’s it for this week. Ask your stylist to help you create interesting braids if you’re not sure how to do it. If your hair is looking a bit drab, ask her about refreshing your color or choosing a brand new color. Are you brave enough for gray? Until next week be safe and be check back next week for the next edition.

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