Hairstyles in the News January 3, 2011

Welcome to the first edition of Hairstyles in the News for 2011! This week we’re going to take a look at the most interesting and perhaps worst hairstyles of 2010. Usually we take the best and present them to you as styling options, but we will leave it to you to decide if these are truly awful or as the 90’s talk show host Arsenio Hall used to say, “things that make you go hmmmm…”. Remember one person’s bad hairstyle can be another’s crown of glory – but in the following examples that probably isn’t so.

There are Afros and there are Afros and Nikki Minaji has taken her’s to a new level. Is it a pyramid, a giant cloud or just a bad hair choice? One can only hope that this was actually a wig and not her real hair.

Singer Pete Wentz has always been on the cutting edge of fashion. Rock stars can pull that off, but there’s a difference between cutting edge and just plain unkempt. Perhaps his new bride Ashley Simpson Wentz should give Pete a comb for Valentines Day.

Courtney Love’s hair is okay in this picture, but her choice of accessories is questionable. It looks like a belt gone bad on her head. Even her makeup would be passable if she didn’t have a shawl hanging off the side of her head.

Hey, Ryan Cabrera – the 90’s called and wants their gel back. Ryan has taken lift a bit too far giving him a stalker vibe that does no justice to his manly good looks.

Unless he’s planning to join a monastery, Tim Bebow needs to leave the Friar Tuck look to the monks. He looks like he has an inner tube on top of his head and the scraggly unkempt bread does nothing for him.
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Ahh Snooki and her famous poof. The Jersey Shore is known for excess and if Snooki just tamed the poof a bit it wouldn’t have been so extreme. The good news is that Snooki now has a sleek hairstyle that looks great on her and brings out her great looks.
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There are so many things wrong with Melanie Brown’s hairstyle were do we start? The shaved sides, the cropped back, the ponytail that looks like it came straight out of a cheap pack of fake hair? You pick this style will definitely make you go hmmm…
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Is it an updo? Is it a cat caught in a windstorm? What was Mena Suvari thinking? Perhaps a bit less frizz and this style wouldn’t be so bad. Mena is a beautiful woman and this style distracts from her natural good looks. Even if you hair is naturally curly there are products to tame the fuzz and Mena needs to get some.

That’s it for this week. Next week we’ll return to bringing you celebrity styles that you can try out. One thing that all of these bad hairstyles of 2010 have in common is taking things a bit too far in the extreme. Take a note of what not to do and keep it simple and bring out the best in your features. Your hair is your number one accessory and your stylist can help you to take care of it so it can make you look good all year around.

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Hairstyles in the News October 18, 2010

This week we see lots of pixies and short cuts on celebrities. It seems this cute do, that was made popular in the 1960’s by supermodel Twiggy, is as strong as ever. During the years the Pixie has evolved into one of the easiest to care for styles that looks good on almost all women. Long locks are still popular and celebrities are continually on the edge of fashion.  Check out this week’s finds and see if you have what it takes to rock celebrity hair.
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Ashlee Simpson was spotted recently with her adorable son Bronx with a longer version of the pixie and new platinum color. Her husband, Pete Wentz, tweeted that her new haircut and color is cute and posted this picture on Twitter. With her new color and cut Ashlee and son now make a perfect mother and son match.,,20051412_20297809_20791511,00.html

British actress Carey Mulligan, who starred in the recent movie Never Let Me Go, is shown here with a simple Pixie accented with a cute hair band. Celebrity stylist Jonathan Joseph used the blow dryer with a nozzle attachment and directed the air flow downwards on the nape, crown and sides. He then smoothed it with his fingers and applied a spritz of hairspray to create this sweet look.
Mail Online

Jacinta Lal was recently crowned Miss IndiaNZ and her blonde hair and blue eyes have stirred controversy over the 21 year old beauty not being “Indian enough looking.” Organizer Dharmesh Parikh defends the decision by explaining the this was a New Zealand beauty pageant and the Miss Lal has Indian heritage since her mother is part Indian. No matter how you feel about her title, you have to admit she is a lovely young woman who has beautiful long curly hair. Seen here with a fellow runner-up, both young ladies exhibit grace and poise.
Behind the Chair

Not to be one to be left out of the spotlight, Lady Gaga had her hair cut short into a chin length bob for her upcoming video, Alejandro. Celebrity stylist Eugene Souleiman told Behind the Chair that he felt it was better for Lady Gaga’s hair to be cut short since she wears wigs most of the time. He further explains that his decision was based on the fact that she beaches her hair and it has a curly and coarse texture. Some form of the bob has been popular since the Roaring Twenties and your stylist can shape one that is just right for you.

Mad Men star Christina Hendrix is known not only for her “real woman” curves but for her ravishing red hair. Seen here at the Golden Globe Awards, Ms Hendrix is campaigning for fashion magazines to use more realistically sized models and to stop airbrushing models to look thinner. With her long red locks, she is truly a stunning example of beauty.,0,5409032.photogallery
LA Times

This week we mourn the passing of one of the women who helped to shape what America thought of as the perfect mom. Barbara Billingsley, who played mom June Cleaver on Leave It To Beaver, passed away this past week at the age of 94. Her iconic style helped set the standard for mom’s across the nation in the late 1950’s during the show’s heyday. Even after her television career, which spanned over three decades, Mrs. Billingsley remained the picture of style and grace. Goodbye Mom Cleaver, America will miss you.

As always we will continue to look to the stars and red carpet for inspiration. Found a look you love this week? Talk to your stylist and let her tailor it to your facial shape and lifestyle.

Call now to book an appointment. Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, OK. Out of town appointments welcome.