How to Curl Short Hair Without Burning Your Scalp or Fingers

Short hair is in style this season and looks great with a bit of curl and body. But short hair can post its own set of challenges when you want to curl it. How can you add some life to your short do without burning your scalp or your fingers? Professional hairstylists have tricks that you can use at home to achieve the look you want.

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One of the most important things to do before you use high heat appliances on your hair is to protect it with a thermal protection product. Your stylist can recommend one that she feels is best for your hair’s particular needs. Apply a small amount on the roots and throughout your hair to protect it from the damage curling irons and hot rollers can cause to hair. If you color your hair this will also protect your color and help your hair to be curly and shiny.

Use a trick that professionals use in the salon, draw your hair up into your curling iron and hold a comb at the base of the curl against your scalp. As you curl your hair keep the comb on your scalp and this will provide a barrier that will protect your scalp from being burned. This also helps to protect your fingers since you will be resting the hot curling iron on the comb and not on your hands.

Use a small curling iron and small sections of hair. This will not only make it easier to curl, but it will help to prevent “hooks” at the end of your hair. Hooks are found on the ends of your hair and are caused by the ends not getting all the way into the curling iron or roller. This is a common problem in perms and if you’ve ever had a weird curl on the end of your hair from a perm, that is a hook.

Once you’ve curled your hair let it cool off before you style it. This will lock the curls in and make your style last longer. Now you can either use your fingers, a styling brush or a comb to style your hair. A quick spritz of hairspray and a bit of shine finish and you’re good to go.

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Get the Volume and Length You Want With Hair Extensions

You can add volume, length, curl and color to your hair with extensions. Today’s extensions are high quality and look natural when applied correctly. Your stylist can use many different methods to place extensions in your hair. These include glue in track extensions that are the least expensive and take the least amount of time. Track extensions will last from one to two weeks. Sewn in extensions are sewn onto small braids that your stylist does close to your scalp and can last about two months if you care for them properly. These are only a bit more expensive than tracks and take longer because of the braiding that must be done before they are sewn in.

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To get extensions that last up to four months you may want to choose locking extensions. These are adjustable and if cared for properly can be removed and reused. Fusion extensions are the most expensive but will last up to six months. Normally your stylist must order these extensions for you since they are a specialty item.

The length and color of extensions you can choose from are plentiful. Human hair has the benefits of looking the most natural and can be styled and treated like your own hair. Synthetic extensions have the benefit of a memory and are not affected by moisture or humidity and if you live in a hot humid area or one that experiences a lot of rain, synthetic extensions can be a good choice. One drawback to synthetic extensions is that they can not be heat styled or changed by hair color.

You can choose to use extensions that match your natural hair color or use them to add highlights and lowlights. Fantasy colors are available from white, hot pink, electric blue, yellow, green and all colors in between. There are even synthetic extensions that are gold or silver for some extra bling on your special night out. Whatever your tastes or budget, your stylist can give you extensions that add body and style to your natural hair.

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Shag Haircuts Compliment All Face Shapes

The shag became popular in the 1970’s and some form of a shag haircut has been in the mainstream ever since. What makes a shag style so popular is that this cut can compliment any face shape. With an experienced stylist you can get a cut that is just right for you. Shags are easy to care for and offer you a wide variety of styling options. You can wear them flipped out, smoothed under or with a bit of styling paste for a messy bed-head look.
Modern Medium Shag

Shag haircuts are good for women of all ages. They can be youthful and sporty or give an older woman a more youthful appearance. The layers add volume and interest to your hair and keep the eye moving. Highlights and lowlights show up exceptionally well in a shag because of the many layers. If you think a shag has to be short, you are mistaken. This type of haircut comes in all lengths. Long shags look great on wavy hair or hair that has some natural curl. Medium length cuts give your hair plenty of movement and styling options and short shags are the ultimate in easy hair care.

A shag can be worn in business, at play or even spiked up and funky for a night out. The first place to start is with an experienced hairstylist. She will take into consideration your face shape and your lifestyle to give you a cut that is tailored just for you. Keep you hair healthy with quality salon products and styling aids. Avoid high heat appliances and always use a thermal protector when you blow dry, flat iron or curl your hair. Take a tip from our funky sisters of the 70’s and give a shag a try. You may find that it is one of your favorite styles and looks great on you.

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Homecoming 2010 Hairstyles

Homecoming is traditionally a time for football games, parties and formals at many schools. If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle to compliment your dress we have some ideas for you. Hot off the runways these looks are showing up in Paris, London and Hollywood. This year’s looks range from sleek and smooth to messy and bohemian. Check out these ideas and make an appointment with your stylist to look your best on this special occasion.
Messy Cignon

A new interpretation to a classic is the new French Twist. This year it is combined with braids and can either be chic and disheveled or modern and sleek. You may want to have some ribbon or beads added for an extra touch or glamor and style.
Rope Twist

This look has shown up on the runways of Matthew Williamson, Antonio Berardi and Zac Posen. Simply take two strands of hair and wind them around each other. This will form a rope that can then be twisted or braided. Twists and braids can be worn in an updo or fall over the shoulder depending on your mood and outfit. Your stylist can create a French Twist that is unique and matches your personality and style.

Another lovely style are long curly locks. Seen on music superstar Taylor Swift, the hair is curled and left long and flowing. You can wear your hair like Taylor’s or put it up in the back and let the curls cascade down your back with a bit of fringe in the front.

Taylor Swift
Cover of Taylor Swift

If your hair is not long, you can have human hair extensions added for extra length and volume. Hair accessories are hot this season and this would be a perfect way to add some color and bling to your hairstyle with a pretty hair bow or clip.

Make an appointment with your stylist well in advance to ensure that you will look your best at Homecoming and you can focus on having fun.

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Windy Cities Hairstyles

If you live in a windy city like Oklahoma City or Chicago you know what the wind can do to your hairstyle. It is frustrating to spend time styling your hair only to walk out the door and Mother Nature blows all your hard work away with one gust. So what are you to do? Use industrial strength hair spray and styling products? No, these will dry your hair out and cause damage. It is better to have a hairstyle that can handle the wind.

windy hair
Image by J. McPherson via Flickr

There are several options for styles that can stand up to even the windiest days. If you prefer long hair, you can braid your hair or put it up in a twist. A pretty scarf tied loosely around your hair will also protect it from the wind. But if you don’t want to bother with putting your hair up all of the time or wearing a scarf there are some cute hairstyles that you can wear that require a minimum amount of fuss and will stand up to the wind.

The main point to remember if you live in a windy city is to keep it simple. A simple well maintained hairstyle will be your best protection against the ravages of the wind and weather. Your stylist can help you to choose a cut that is right for your face shape and lifestyle. Keep your follow up appointments to keep your hair trimmed and you will be ready no matter what.

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Toni & Guy Worldwide Style & Fashion

Giuseppe (Guy) and Gaetano (Toni) grew up near Pompeii and found their passion for hairstyling at an early age. After school they would visit their father’s hair salon and help out by washing hair and eventually moving on to doing perms. This love of hairdressing is reflected in the outstanding service and products that Toni and Guy have become famous for all over the world. In 1963 Toni and Guy opened their first salon in London. Truly a family business, their younger brothers Bruno and Anthony joined them in the 1980’s. Today you can find Toni and Guy salons in over 400 locations around the world.


Their product line TIGI is considered one of the premier lines in the beauty industry. The TIGI product line includes Bedhead, TIGI Catwalk, S Factor, B for Men, Rockaholic, TIGI Colour, and Love Peace The Planet. As the company grew, the brothers recognized a need for a younger and fresher approach and in 1997 Essensuals Salons were born. Toni’s children, Sasha and Christian are at the helm of this thriving branch of the business targeted at the younger generation.

Toni and Guy have been honored several times for their outstanding salons and products. Some of these honors include winning London Hairdresser of the Year 11 times, South West Hairdresser of the Year in 2006, the Young and Talented Award in 2010, HAIR Magazine’s Hairdresser of the Year in 2008 for Sasha Mascolo-Tarbuck and Essentials Magazine’s 2006 Reader’s Favourite Nationwide Salon.

On May 6, 2009 Guy suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Dallas. This was a devastating loss for the family but his brothers and family continue Guy’s vision of excellent service and innovative products. The company launched it own magazine in the United Kingdom and in-salon TV station, Toni and Guy TV. In its world wide academies, the Toni and Guy group pass on their youthful and dynamic style of hairdressing. Toni & Guy has become a leader of worldwide style and fashion. With the leadership of the family, Toni & Guy promises to be an innovator and trend setter for many years to come.

Christophe – VIP Style

Armed With a Round Brush and a Blow Dryer, Christophe Treats Each Client Like a VIP. Christophe began his career in Paris, France and has become a major talent in the beauty industry. His clients include rock stars, politicians, royalty and celebrities. His use of a round brush and blow dryer to achieve sleek and smooth results transforming his client’s hair into beautiful locks has been a signature service in his salons for over 20 years.

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Christophe opened his salons in the United States in the cosmopolitan cities of Las Vegas, Washington DC, Newport Beach and his flagship salon in Beverly Hills that he opened in 1985. He also has a salon in the tropical locale of Saint Barth’s. Christophe still works in his salons and travels between them to service his clients. His philosophy of treating each client like a VIP has made him one of the most sought after stylists of this time. His salons are full service featuring hair, nail, makeup and skin care services. His colorists are all trained in Paris and travel between salons.

Christophe’s philosophy of simplicity and commitment to excellence can be summed up in his own advice to new stylists, “don’t try too hard.”

Tools and Texture

To keep your hair looking its best and prevent damage, you need to use the right tools for your type of hair. Using the wrong brush or comb can lead to split ends and tangles. Hair becomes tangled when it is not brushed or combed correctly and the loose hairs become wound up and cause knots. To prevent this, you need to know what type of hair you have and what type of comb and brush is best to use on it.

Woman Brushing her Hair, 1897
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Fine Hair: Fine hair can be straight, wavy or curly. It is the type of hair that is the most prone to tangles. Always use a wide tooth comb on wet or dry hair. A natural bristle brush is best on dry fine hair because it will help to distribute the natural oils from your scalp and keep your hair lubricated and shiny.

Thick Hair: Like fine hair, thick hair can come in all types of wave patterns. If your hair is very wavy or curly, use a wide tooth pick first and start from the ends of your hair in small sections and work your way up to your scalp. After you have most of the tangles out of your hair, you can switch to a wide tooth comb or a brush with nubbed bristles to protect your hair and scalp. Straight thick hair will respond well to a natural bristle brush. Once again, start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp working in small sections.

Ethnic Hair: If your hair is natural and not relaxed, a pick will be the best choice for ethnic hair. Be careful and use a gentle touch since ethnic hair is prone to breakage. Once you have any tangles out, use a natural bristle brush to smooth your hair and distribute the scalp’s natural oils.

Tips For All Hair Types

Anastasia has professional products that she can recommend for your hair type. Visit her today and make sure your hair stays in the best shape possible.

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