Cold Weather Means Warm Color

Many women choose to color their hair a darker shade in the fall and winter. A chocolate brunette shade or a deep auburn can give you a new look for the cooler season. But what if you love your blonde shade? No worries, why not have your stylist place some strategic lowlights for a warmer look? Lowlights of caramel, cafe latte, even a deep red can warm up any hair color. Dark brunettes can have deep caramel or honey blonde highlights to add a bit of shine.

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Dark hair does not have to be boring. You can have chunky lowlights or frame your face with some color. Having the darker color near your face gives you a flattering frame and adds interest to your hair. Like highlights, lowlights can add movement by their placement. Your stylist can add both to create depth and a new look for the new season.

If you prefer to stick with an all over color, why not try a warm shade? Switch things up if you have always gotten an ash or cool color with a color that has gold and red tones. Your stylist can formulate a color that will not be brassy or orange. Many women shy away from gold and red because they are wary of the way the color will look on them. In this case a glaze of gold or warm brown can add warmth without completely changing your hair color.

Talk to your stylist about her recommendations. She knows what colors look best with your complexion and will have several suggestions to warm up your look for the cooler weather.

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Winter 2010 Hair Color Trends Are Here!


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  • Think chunky highlights, and natural color blended.
  • Multi tone hair color produces natural hair color with highlights.
  • Two tone hair color produces a bold, dramatic look that looks thicker.

Natural color hair is making its’ return: in deeper hues of brown, plum, auburn, and mahogany. Bright shades of red, and blonde. All with undertones of black and lavender.

Because natural color in deeper hues is returning, if you decide to try highlights, remember your skin tone when choosing a color; color helps brighten your look, you may want to be bold and change your make up to complement the new color. Visit the stylist first, then get a makeup consultation.

Need some color tips for this bold uprising?

  • Light brown hair with gold highlights, subtle highlights blended for shine.
  • Red base or natural red hair color will look great with deep bold red highlights framing the face, with streaks of light blonde in top or deep chocolate.
  • Dark red hair color will look great with strawberry blond framing the face and sides.
  • Light red hair color will look great with light copper, auburn, strawberry blond or Tahitian red highlights, then use deep apricot, caramel, ginger, or chestnut.

When choosing any duo tone, make sure the colors contrast – for instance, light and dark shades together for brown hair. Again, don’t forget your skin tone, natural hair shade, and personal style! Make sure the colors are from the same color family for dynamic contrast. As always, consult your stylist.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.