New Years Resolutions for 2011 for Your Hair

New Years is the traditional time to review your life and make New Years resolutions. Your beauty regime needs to be updated from time to time as your needs change and new products become available. Now is a great time to take a look at what is working in your hair care and what needs some improvement.
Dave Elliot

As you age and the seasons change you will need to switch up the products you use to meet your hair’s needs. Women going through menopause may face thinning hair and dry scalp from the reduced production of estrogen in their bodies. Young men and women may have oily scalp and need a clarifying shampoo to cleanse their hair of the styling products they use. No matter what hair care needs you may have there are some general guidelines to make sure you’re caring for your hair the best way you can.

  • Use professional hair care and styling products. Your stylist can recommend the best products for your hair type and texture. Professional products are formulated to be gentle on your hair and scalp and to protect your hair color.
  • Wash your hair every other day. Unless your scalp and hair get very oily by the end of the day, it is better for you to wash your hair every other day. This helps to prevent breakage and split ends because you won’t be washing away the natural oils that lubricate your scalp and keep your hair healthy.
  • Cut down on the use of high heat appliances. Heat from curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons dries out your hair, makes your hair color fade, and can cause damage to the hair shaft. Give your hair a break and let it air dry when you can. When you do use high heat appliances be sure to use a protective product that helps your hair stay strong and shiny.
  • Keep up on your haircuts. Ideally you should get a trim every four to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Regular haircuts and trims keep split ends from forming and keeps your hair looking salon fresh.
  • Go to your stylist to get your hair colored and highlighted. Over the counter color and bleach products are very harsh and contain a developer that is much too strong for most hair. Your stylist will use the correct strength of developer and mix a hair color formula specifically for you. She will also keep track of the formula she uses so that you will get the perfect color every time.
  • Stick with your stylist. Once your find a stylist you love, stick with her. She can monitor your hair and scalp and alert you if you develop any conditions you should address. She will also be familiar with your hair and be able to give you a great cut every time.

These are some resolutions to start you out in 2011. Don’t forget that your stylist is your best resource for great hair and hair care. Take advantage of her education and experience to help you looking your best all year.

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Hairstyles in the News November 1, 2010

Celebrity hairstyles continue to catch our attention and this week is no exception. A budding young designer was booted off a popular reality show, and while he is not technically a celebrity the popularity of Project Runway brings him into the spotlight this week. Cher proves she’s as edgy as ever and Taylor Swift is the model of beauty.
NBC Philadelphia

Mondo Guerra, the most recent finalist on Project Runway to be kicked off, is sporting a unique style with large curls on the crown of his short cut. While designers can get away with this extreme look, you may not be able to in the board room, but it is very daring and shows a large amount of personal style.,0,2132875.story

Jaden and Willow Smith, the very chic children of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, were spotted this week looking as fabulous as every. Jaden has his hair in a neat braided style while Willow mixes it up with a poofy curl and short sides. Willow’s video, I Whip My Hair, has been a sensation since its release a few weeks ago. Both of these young people know fashion is for fun and show their creative style every time they show up on camera.

In this photo Katy Perry shows us what colored hair extensions can do to give spark and unexpected color to a style. Extensions come in a wide variety of colors and textures. These pink and blue extensions look striking against Katy’s dark brunette locks.

Taylor Swift is seen here with long blonde curls that go from honey blonde to lighter golden blonde. This color variation is becoming popular with celebrities. You can have this graduated color with any hair color. Ask your stylist for a color consultation.

Cher has always been known for her outrageous costumes and iconic black hair. At the 2010 MTV Music Awards, perhaps her voluminous curls are just a bit of too much of a good thing. Cher is consumed in her curls and she would look better with a bit of a toned down volume, but true to form Cher takes her look to the extreme.

Perhaps you’ve seen a look this week that you’d like to try out. We’ve seen the wild and the beautiful. While you may not want to wear an exact style you’ve seen this week, your stylist can help you find a celebrity style that will match your face shape and lifestyle. Next week we’ll return to see what the celebrities are up to and what trends they are setting.

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How to Whip It Like Willow

Willow Smith, the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith recently debuted her new video, Whip My Hair on October 18th. It is a lively and very creative video from the nine year old singing sensation. The energy in her video is ramped up by the several detailed hairstyles that Willow wears. She goes from long braided extensions to a complex braided heart on top of her head to a style that can only be described as pastel cotton candy. She does in fact whip her hair around and spread color and individuality in the process. Not to give away the contents of the video, it is worth watching to see this young woman sing and dance her heart out.

How can you get the look of long braids that she features in Whip My Hair? If your hair is not that long, and most people’s hair is not, you can get this look with extensions expertly placed and braided by your hair stylist. You have two choices in extensions, natural human hair and synthetic. Each type has its pros and cons. Natural human hair can be styled and treated just like your own hair, while synthetic hair has a “memory” that is not affected by the elements. One of the main drawbacks to synthetic hair is that it can not be treated with heat like natural human hair extensions, but it is a good choice for this type of hairstyle since you would not be using high heat appliances on your braids anyway.

To take a cue from all of the color used in Willow’s video you may want to consider using fantasy color synthetic extensions. These come in all colors including gold and silver and can add a real spark of personality to your hairstyles. Ask your stylist which type of extensions she recommends. She can make recommendations based on the hairstyle you want, the texture and length of your natural hair and your lifestyle. Be bold – be daring – be like Willow and get out there and whip your hair!

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Hairstyles in the News October 11, 2010

The stars are switching up their looks again. This week we have a bob causing a buzz, long and short blonds, and brunettes that are stunning. Celebrity hair styles are a good starting point for you to find a new style. You just might find one this week that you want to try.
Hollywood Life 10-06-2010

Keira Knightly is causing a buzz with her new sleek bob. Her new style is a bob that has a shorter graduated back and frames her face beautifully. This style compliments almost all facial shapes and is easy to care for. The chin length front is face framing and accentuates Keira’s large brown eyes. Women with a round face will find this style especially flattering as well as women who have square or triangle facial shapes. This is one of the hottest styles this fall and Keira sets the trend for Hollywood and down the street.
Hollywood Life 10-04-2010

Taylor Momsen was seen rocking long blond locks on the set of ‘Gossip Girl,’ on October 8, in NYC. Not only is she a star on screen, but she was recently selected to be the face of Madonna’s new clothing line Material Girl. She is also the face of John Galliano’s new fragrance fragrance Parler moi d’Amour. Her blond curls accentuate her dark smokey eyes. You can get this look with your own hair or with human hair extensions.
Hollywood Life 10-04-2010

Eve Mendez was looking glamorous at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra on October 4th. Her side part and long chestnut brown hair looks great with her natural sultry Latin beauty. This long layered cut gives Eve many options and can be worn down and luxurious as in this picture or pulled up in a ponytail or an updo.
Hollywood Life 10-07-2010

Last week we saw Kelly Osbourne in a retro ponytail and black velvet ribbon. This week she is wearing her mid-length blond hair down and curly. Kelly was attending the VIP dinner at Fendi’s new Los Angeles boutique on October 7th. Kelly looks lovely whether her hair is pulled back or worn loose and natural. This is another flattering style for most face shapes and since it is lightly layered you can wear it with volume or sleek and straight.
Hollywood Life 10-04-2010

The 17 year old star of the Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove, looked very polished and mature at the ELLE and Express “25 at 25” event in W. Hollywood on October 4th. She had her long hair curled at the event, but also wears it straight and sleek. This hairstyle added a bit of glamor to an already beautiful young star.
Makeup and Beautycare

Kristen Stewart has gone from brunette to blond recently. The Twilight star wanted a new look and she has chose a color that highlights her eyes and compliments her creamy complexion. This is a new look for the star and the jury is out on whether or not it is a good one for her, but she seems to have pulled it off rather well.

The Quiff is back and Scarlet Johansson is wearing it in style. This classic do is easy to maintain and is cool and polished. A bit of lift in the front gives the Quiff a modern look that is flattering to any facial shape.

You can have any of these styles with a visit to your stylist. She is your best resource for finding a style and color that will compliment your facial shape and skin tone.

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Hairstyles in the News October 4, 2010

Celebrities are always switching up their looks. What are they up to this week? Take a look at some of the styles that are for the brave and see if there are any you’d like to give a try.

Daily Mail Reporter, Oct. 4, 2010
Daily Mail Reporter, Oct. 4, 2010

Rhianna is now sporting bright red locks in an effort to give her style a fresh new feel. She looks great and as always has the press a buzz about her new look. Recently she was spotted leaving her London hotel in what appeared to be nothing but a tuxedo jacket, leopard stockings and Christian Louboutin courts, and a fedora and sunglasses. Rhianna is known for her changing hairstyles and hair color, if history is any indication, this new style will go by the wayside very soon as she reinvents her look once again.

Daily Mail Reporter Sept. 27, 2010
Daily Mail Reporter Sept. 27, 2010

Willow Smith, daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith is a budding starlet in her own right. At a fashion show that she attended with her mother and Naomi Williams, Willow was seen wearing a faux hawk braid. Willow has a reputation for cutting edge fashion and is no stranger to daring hairstyles. Her new internet smash single is named fittingly, “Whip My Hair”. It will be interesting to see how Miss Smith develops her style through the years and what new transformations she goes through. Sept. 29, 2010 Sept. 29, 2010

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne has gone from goth and girly to blonde and very grown up. The 25 year old was spotted in Los Angeles keeping it cool with a sheek retro ponytail complete with bangs and a bit of a twist and lift in front. Ms. Osbourne has always been a media favorite with her changing styles and in your face attitude. She has built a career as a media celebrity in the UK and her appeal is just as strong across the pond here in the US. She completed her look with a black bow that adds a touch of class to her style. Oct. 4, 2010
hairfinder .com Oct. 4, 2010

Not to forget the men in our lives, David Archuleta was spotted at the September 11 premiere of “Fred: The Movie” with a classic look. His close cropped hair was lifted and sculpted into a stylish messy look with a bit of height. This look goes will in the classroom or in the boardroom and is one of the most popular styles for men right now. Oct. 1, 2010
the hollywood gossip .com Oct. 1, 2010

The Hills reality star Brody Jenner recently shaved off his gorgeous curly locks and is now sporting a mohawk with his girlfriend, Avril Levine, first initial shaved into the right side of his hair. This look is definitely a change of pace for Brody and could have been spurred by Avril’s rocker influence. Opinions run the gamut from love it to hate it.

Celebrity hairstyles are a great place to find a new look. Ask your stylist to make suggestions about the right look for your facial shape and lifestyle. Stay tuned for next week’s finds and see what hairstyles are in the news.

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