Stylist Rescues You from Box Color!

You decide you want to color your hair, or maybe you have been coloring your hair but you are going to try something different. You look at the cost of a box of hair color at the pharmacy, and you think about how much a professional might charge you. You opt for the box of hair color, and with your coupon, you come out excited with your purchase. You follow the directions and then your rinse your hair and dry it! You look in the mirror and your first thought is “OMG, what have I done to myself?” Let your stylist get in there and fix it!

Hair Color Remover and Re-Color
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The truth is, you think you are saving yourself money by buying a box of hair color and coloring or highlighting your own hair – but in the end it may end up costing you more than a box of hair color! Often times when you are going with hair color out of a box, you can end up with uneven hair color and hair tones. When a professional stylist applies color, they know which hair textures will absorb color better and they know how long to leave color on your hair. They know how to apply it to get an even color.

Box hair color can also leave your hair dry and damaged! Your stylist is equipped with the knowledge and tools to make sure that your hair is protected before, during and after the coloring process. There are colors that your stylist may use that even add condition and shine to your hair. A do-it-yourself box of color may leave your hair dry and brittle requiring some intensive conditioning treatments. In the end, you may not be saving yourself any money.

Covering up grey hair is something we often try to do with box hair color only to find that the rest of your hair looks dull without sheen while your grey hairs don’t match the rest of your hair color – or may not have been covered at all. Let your stylist take care of the color and they have the tools and the knowledge to work with those stubborn grey hairs!

Another hair color hurdle that many women face is choosing the right color! Maybe you colored your own hair and realize that your skin tone with the color you chose just don’t compliment you. Your stylist can help you choose a color that will bring out your best features by working with your skin tone.

So if you have made a mess of your hair – don’t panic. Contact your stylist; ask if they know how to work with color correction or if they can refer you to someone who can. Don’t be embarrassed about your failed attempt! It happens to so many women that color correction is now a menu item at most salons. And don’t use box color – you don’t need the heavy ammonia and other chemicals that make it damage your hair.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.

Hair Products You Should Know #2: Nioxin

Nioxin products are great for your scalp, and I use them at the salon. Nioxin is great for flaking, dryness, hair thinning, treated hair, receding hairline, and other distresses of the scalp. If you’re interested in a treatment, a shampoo and style, or a cut and/or color using products like these, give me a call and let’s set an appointment. I’ve never seen anyone whose scalp wasn’t in better shape with Nioxin.

Nioxin Scalp Therapy: Nioxin’s scalp therapy shampoo is a daily application shampoo and hair conditioner that moisturizes the hair and improves the overall health of the scalp. It has anti-oxidants and essential oils to promote and enhance the general health of the entire scalp area. The Nioxin Scalp Therapy is designed for fine thin-looking hair.

Space-filling model of glutathione
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Nioxin System 8 Scalp Therapy: The Nioxin system 8 scalp therapy is for medium to coarse hair that has been chemically treated. This conditioner is for users with noticeably thinning hair. It is a daily moisturizes that energizes and conditions the scalp and safeguards the skin of the scalp from the influence of drying chemicals.

Nioxin Volumizing Reflexives: The Nioxin Volumizing Reflexives conditioner adds volume to your hair without adding weight to the hair. The ingredients are free from alcohol contains natural botanicals. The Nioxin Volumizing Reflexives treatment comes in variations for men and woman.

Nioxin Smoothing Reflectives: Nioxin Smoothing Reflectives treatment is moisturizing treatment for coarse and medium hair which is also considered as an effective treatment against hair loss or receding hairlines. It delivers bio-nutrients to the hair and has gained popularity as a hair-loss treatment, although the company itself doesn’t advertise this product as a hair lost treatment product.

Nioxin Scalp Treatment: Nioxin scalp treatment has become popular as an effective treatment for people with thinning hair or even people who are balding. This is a daily leave-in scalp treatment which supplies the hair with the required nutrients, botanicals, anti-oxidants and proteins to the hair. The Nioxin Scalp Treatment has gained popularity as a treatment to prevent hair loss or reduce/minimize the effects of hair loss in both men and woman.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.

Nioxin is a great holiday gift. Visit the salon and ask Anastasia to walk you through the Nioxin selections. Get familiar with the products for yourself, as well.


Hair Products You Should Know #1: Pureology

I’m a big fan of Pureology products and use them at the salon. Pureology consistently produces quality, strong hair, and a great look. If you’re interested in a treatment,  a shampoo and style, or a cut and color using products like these, give me a call and let’s set an appointment. You won’t be sorry.

Hairdresser washing a woman's hair
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Pureology Hydrate Shampoo: Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoos are color enhancing shampoos for colored hair. These are award-winning, moisturizing shampoos that contain no salts and will enhance the color retention of your hair. These shampoos will hydrate your hair and at the same time enhance the color of your hair as well using their advanced hydrating micro-emulsion technology.

Pureology NanoWorks Hair Conditioner: The Pureology NanoWorks Hair Conditioner is an all-natural conditioner derived from natural vegan constituents. It is specifically designed for hair that is color treated. The shampoo also comes with an “Anti-Age Complex” that can help to make the hair look new, fresh and shiny.

Pureology Pure Volume Thickening Mist: The Pureology Pure Volume Thickening Mist is a spray that will infuse your hair with added volume to make it look thicker, without adding any additional weight to your hair. The spray is also designed to for color hair and will maintain the brilliance of the hair color as well as maintain the original texture of the hair color, and also add a shine to your hair.

Pureology Incharge Plus: Pureology InCharge plus is a holding spray for your head, and like the other Pureology products, is designed for color treated hair. The spray will hold the style of your hair all day, while at the same time maintaining the color of the hair treatment. This is a 100% vegan product made up of environmentally-friendly constituents. The spray has humidity resisting properties, and adds a shine to the hair, too.

Pureology Root Lift Spray Mousse: The pureology root lift spray mousse treatment is giving lift to your color-treated hair. The  spray is  very light weight and won’t weigh down your hair after application. The spray has anti-fade and UV inhibitors which will retain the color of your hair treatment. This is a treatment used to give shine and control to your color-treated hair.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.

Give Pureology for the holidays. Stop by the salon and ask Anastasia to walk you through the selection.


Style Lives in Female Ranks

We all know that men joining the military must have their hair cut very short,  but women have some options for haircuts. Each branch of the military has their own guidelines:

Photograph of two female american soldiers.
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Extreme, eccentric, trendy haircuts/hairstyles are not authorized; dyes, tints, or bleaches must result in natural tones for hair color.

You may wear braids and cornrows as long as the braided style is conservative and cornrows lie snugly on the head. Dreadlocks are not allowed while on duty.

Hair cannot fall over the eyebrows or extend below the bottom edge of the collar.Long hair that falls below the bottom edge of the collar must be fastened or pinned, so no free-hanging hair is visible.

Extensions, weaves, wigs and hairpieces are authorized as long as they conform to the standards.

You may wear small, plain scrunchies, barrettes, combs, pins, clips, rubber bands, and hair bands as long as they are plain and as close to the hair color as possible or clear.


The same rules apply as for Army, with the exception of braids – they must be small (1/4”) in diameter. Beads, decorative items cannot be braided into hair. Short hair can be braided in corn rows.

Jumper uniforms allow the hair to extend 1-1/2 below the top of the jumper collar.

You are limited to 2 small barrettes, combs, or clips that are similar in color. Elastic fabric bands are not allowed. Hair ornaments must not present a safety hazard.


Can’t wear excessive amounts of grooming products. Hair can’t touch the eyebrows and must not be visible below the front band of headgear. Hair may be visible in front of a women’s flight cap.

Hair nets may be worn for safety – made of cotton or synthetic material of a conservative or solid color similar to your hair color and must contain no metal fasteners.

Hair must not extend in length on all sides below an invisible line drawn parallel to the ground at the bottom of the shirt collar – must not exceed 3” in bulk.


During physical training and not in the utility uniform, you may wear your hair naturally. To break down the rules:

Long hair is fine, as long as it is neat, pulled up, and not touching the collar.

Short is fine, as long as it is not cut extreme (GI Jane) and does not touch the collar.

No hairstyle may prevent proper wear of headgear.

Military women don’t have to have boring clone-hair, and aren’t limited to styles that don’t fit the shape of their faces. Consult your stylist for a style that conforms to military norms, and also compliments your appearance.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.