The Most In-Vogue Male Hairstyles

Number Five: The Quiff

The quiff is an up-and-comer cut (thanks to David Beckham) that is hitting Svpply Pose and Snapette media like crazy, which places this style at number five. Just imagine an adult faux hawk with an inhospitable, chaotic twist, and you’ll be on the right track. Also, be sure that your stylist stays away from using clippers because today’s quiff owns more of a textured look.

quiff photo
Photo by The James Kendall

Number Four: The Man Bun

Most Guys either love the man bun, or they hate it; whatever the case is for you, this cut landed at number four in Pinterest posts over the summer. Man buns suit men who grow their hair out in a healthy way, since this cut just will not work on long hair with split ends. Pro-stylist are placing man buns slightly above the neck instead of mounting the hair on top of the head, like the ones we saw hipsters show off in 2005.

Number Three: The Undercut

Actor, Brad Pitt brought a 40s hairstyle back into the mainstream when he successfully sported a new undercut look in his blockbuster film, Fury. Think fade, but throw in a lot more hair on top. A modern undercut will have the sides shaved and the long tresses gelled back, which flaunts a “confident, fashion-forward, edgy statement,” according to Rolling Stone online.

Number Two: The Fade

Fades land at the number two spot this year, after the hairstyle quadrupled in popular Google web searches just last spring. It seems that young guys are looking to keep their hair longer at the top while clipping it shorter as the hair fades down the neckline. Authentic fades are pulled off by old-school barbers, who are experts at using clippers. Just make sure to specify whether you want a high or low fade at the barbershop, remembering that higher fades will ebb more on top of the head than lower ones do. You can also go for a Brooklyn fade, which is a high-low combo cut that’s really hot this season.

Number One: The Side Part

Believe it or not, the time-honored side-part is the number one men’s hairstyle that’s trending on Pinterest. That’s right gentlemen, but take notice that today’s side-part is not the same one that we all saw Jerry Mathers sport on Leave It to Beaver. Modern stylists are shaving in the side-part line, which gives the look a whole new edge.


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