Two Versatile Men Haircuts For Men On The Go

According to Google’s 2016 Beauty Trends report, men are increasingly interested in their hair and hair trends, but those who are looking only desire flexible hair that will style fast and work everywhere and anywhere.

So, here we go; let’s look at two versatile men’s hairstyles that have stood the test of time.


buzz cut photo
Photo by Chris Hunkeler


This is not just short hair; it’s very short hair. Here, you can expect your stylist to pull out the grade-one or two clippers for an all-over cut.

Who should wear it?

Only men with naturally attractive faces should go for this flexible hairstyle. The buzz cut highlights and emphasizes the noggin; so, you’re gonna need a good mug to turn some heads with this look.

What to expect when sitting in the chair?

As mentioned earlier, your stylist is going to cut it all off; however, if you want to keep a little length, you can choose a number-one clipper on the sides and a number-two on top.

Also, today’s buzz cuts do not own just one homogeneous length.

This is why you can expect your stylist to pull out the scissors to create a more smoother and contemporary textured mane.

What are the style options?

Great question. What’s great about the buzz cut is the fact that, once you own it, you don’t have to spend valuable time thinking about how to show it off.

Further, the cut works for all occasions, and you can make subtle changes in texture by adding a little product.



This is not a crew cut, but it is still a short style. A vogue crop is a scissor-only cut that offers more length to play with when styling. The look suits men who aren’t handsome models because it takes focus off of the face and onto the hair.

Who should wear it?

Anyone can sport a textured crop. It’s a versatile hairstyle that leans towards the classic end of the spectrum. Free from contrast, but full of classiness and urbanity, it’s an ideal choice for the mature guy, and the cut works extremely well with finer hair too.

What to expect when sitting in the chair?

A pro-stylist will never pull out the clippers to perform a textured crop. The scissor retains the mane’s innate texture and obstructs those hard straight lines that pop up when using clippers.

Here, length is the secret. The goal is to pull off a short, but not too short look, which means the crop will call for some expertise in cropping in neat ratios from top-to-back and on the sides.

In the end, the mane should be cut just above finger-width to permit texture to be layered in.
Some stylist use point-cutting to get this done, while others may try a feather razor to create a softer finish.

What are the Style options?

The textured crop owner can cleverly mix things up to fit any occasion.

A soft side-part works well at the office or on a first date. With some water-based pomade and a spritz of hair spray, you’ll be good to go in just minutes.

For a laid-back look, a chaotic, textured finish can accommodate a Sunday brunch or heading home for the holidays.

A matte clay rub and a texturing dust spray will give these crops all the 12-hour extra-hold they’ll need in just only a few minutes after leaving the shower.

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