The Pompadour and Quiff

For connoisseurs of retro hair styles, the summer of 2013 has a lot to offer. Both men and women should get ready for “big” hair in the form of both the pompadour and the quiff. These are unisex hairstyles that have been gaining in popularity and making a gigantic comeback. Modifications of these hairstyles allow salon-goers to assert their own unique personalities while still embracing history and hitting the trends head-on.

A cropped photograph depicts singer Elvis Pres...
A cropped photograph depicts singer Elvis Presley’s bust. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Related distantly to the Mohawk, a quiff is a hair style that incorporates elements of a pompadour do and a 1950’s flat-top into one unique look. The style was popular in the 1980’s in Europe and it seems to make sense that it would have resurgence of popularity while the fashion trends are currently walking the perimeter around 1980’s clothing styles. A variety of different types of quiffs can be can be successfully sculpted and the style is appropriate for both males and females.

The pompadour, is another style that has unisexual appeal, though variations of it have been developed specifically for men and women. The hair is cut especially so that it can be swept up off the face and worn up high above the forehead. Sometimes, the hair can also be swept upwards around the side of the face and the back of the head also.

Unlike the quiff, which enjoyed popularity primarily in the 20th century, the pompadour was born during the 18th century, with a major revival in the 1890’s. Among women, the pompadour enjoyed popularity on and off until the 1930’s and 1940’s. Elvis Presley elevated the popularity of the pompadour among men in the 1950’s, but since that time, the hair style has been less visible. Today, however, more and more men and women are bringing the pompadour back into the public eye.

Both long and short hair can be worn in a quiff or a pompadour with a little creativity and styling products. By putting long hair up into a pony tail, hair can be given volume on top of the head to the height necessary for a respectable pompadour. The look can be formal and impressive when styled with care. It can also look risky and rebellious when the style is done with less conventionality.

Combined with attention-getting hair colors that have modernized the quiff and the pompadour, many men and women are enjoying the eye-catching appeal of these hair styles. Female celebrities such as Miley Cyrus have gotten a lot of attention for their cutting-edge style. The variations that are possible with the quiff and the pompadour are appealing to a lot of style-conscious people who like to keep with the trends while maintaining some creative flexibility with their hair