The Growing Trend In Men Choosing To Color Their Hair – OKC Men’s Hair

The number of men coloring their hair is increasing and the reason isn’t just to cover their gray hair.  Many men just want to try a new style or bring something new to their look.

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It is possible men are choosing to dye their hair in order to stay more competitive in the workplace with younger professionals.  Salons and stylists are experiencing the ever more frequent visit from men and their desire to color their hair or add some highlights.  Men are slowly changing their previous ideas and thoughts that hair dying and coloring was just for women or those with gray hair.  The rise in numbers of men coming to the salon to get color treatments is happening all over.  Between 1999 and 2010 the percentage of men getting their hair colored has risen from 2% to 7% along with 11% of men between the ages of 50 to 64 currently dying their hair.

Men often opt for quick salon treatments for coloring their hair as some men still feel self conscious about sitting in the salon with dye in their hair or foil wrap.  Many men appreciate the stylist who can color them and help them with discretion in the visit and hair coloring treatment.  It is a good sign with the growing trend that soon men will feel more comfortable and begin seeing more and more other men in the salon with them that the need for discretion is let go of.

Many men feel refreshed and have more confidence when they leave the salon with the gray covered up or some new highlights or new color to keep them looking and feeling young while at work.  Younger men who happen to wear their hair longer are choosing the ombre look for their hair color choices.  The ombre coloring choices give men a soft, blended look similar to spending all day at the beach.

Men approach their choices for hair dying differently than women but whatever the reason, more and more men are choosing either cover the gray or just make a minimal change in their look. It is easy to understand their growing interest in making the choice to visit the salon and get their hair colored.
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