Summer-Ready Hairstyles For Young Men

These days, young men under twenty-five are constantly reviewing the functionality of their hairstyles. Often when analyzing the hair, guys overlook asking themselves an obvious question, which should be asked around the end of spring:

Is your hair a proper length for the hotter climate and summertime activities?

men hair photo
Photo by mendolus shank

Young men, continue reading for a review of this summer season’s most-favored haircuts to learn if one might work for you.

1. The Fringe.

If owning a bit more hair to have fun with is preferable, then why not choose a fringe? The drawback to this cut is that a fringe can leave you, occasionally, sweaty and stressed in the heat, according to the fringe’s size and density.

This cut is for guys who prefer to wear their hair forward; and for those youngsters that don’t want their hair in the face, these guys can ask their stylist to swing the hair across the temple instead of bringing it straight down.

2. The Crew Cut.

Timeless and absolutely manly, the crew cut has been raging for some time now, and it continues to be the style most requested by salon patrons. The cut is effortlessly executed, and it’s functional for practically every young man whenever the elements begin warming up. It’s a chic and problem-free haircut.

Before going for it, it’s important to have a sincere discussion with your stylist about whether they feel a crew cut will match your particular face contour. The cut often looks best on sturdy, square faces, even though it may be modified for other silhouettes by shaping the length and clipper-size used.

Styles include the butch cut, the buzz cut, the flattop or a contemporary take on the French Trim, which will all yield an impressive, detached image that feels quite voguish.

3. The Slick-Back.

Don’t let this hairstyle’s rich luster finale trick you; the slick-back effectively performs quite well in the summertime. Not only does it maintain all your hair away your face, but, likewise, the hair will remain in place all day, since it’s executed by applying a moderately thick hair paste.

Ask your stylist for a fairly tight fade over the sides and back for variation, leaving behind a good deal of length at the top to permit the slick-back. Guys with thick hair may wish their stylist to eliminate some of the heaviness as well, perhaps by point trimming into the cut or working with thinning scissors.

4. Afro Hair: Detached Edges.

Young, African-American men can opt for an ultramodern detached edge cut, which is optimal for summer, as it’s both quick and easy to style and painless to take care of as well. This cut is excellent for guys who intend to keep their hair short but not excessively neat.

To obtain this effect, your stylist will need to clipper the edges and back rather tight so as to produce a significant contrast with the size of the hair on top, which should be kept marginally longer.

5. Curly Hair: The Loose Quiff.

The hotter summer weeks can bring about uncontrollability in wavy hair, causing properly shaped styles to lose their design quickly. Also, straightening curly hair in the middle of the summer will not endure because the hair will dehydrate fast, contributing to the harm created by sun exposure.

The solution for the young man with wavy locks is to keep it genuinely uncomplicated by sporting a universally, relaxed quiff to keep the waves off the face. The loosened quiff will often come across as exceptionally casual and comfortably cool.


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