NEWSFLASH: The ManBraid Is Coming To A Town Near You

Just when we thought we’d seen it all from men’s hairstyles, Fauxhawks, teen bangs, and colored locks, out pops the ManBraid. The 2015 Golden Globes started this new trend in macho hairstyles after superstar, Jared Leto, changed the game by stepping on the red carpet with his braids. Viewers then got a futuristic peak at a new hair trend that has loose ombré waves complementing a low braid down the back of macho head.

braid photo
Photo by daystar297

The male hair-braids that are taking their place in today’s mainstream usually accompany a masculine scruffy beard. Now, some guys out there may not think braiding hair is manly at all and that braids are a female-preferred look. Well, maybe this was true a few decades ago, but we are in 2015, and it seems like everything goes when it comes to male hairstyles.

Is my hair long enough to braid?

The one cool thing about having long hair is that you can braid it. Here, the rule of thumb is, whatever you can gather into a ponytail, your stylist can gather into a braid. Keep in mind that the most difficult hair to braid is the thick-layered cut; however, most pro-stylist can get a good macho-braid out of hair that is at least chin-length, and sometimes, even shorter.

How will my stylist pull it off?

Long men’s hair texture is exactly the same as long women’s hair; so, the braiding process, and how your pro stylist will approach the ManBraid, is the same for men as it is for women. To execute a proper braid, the stylist will simply perform a three-strand braid and fasten it at the bottom with just a strand of hair. This approach gives the ManBraid the most natural and organic look.

Should I wash my hair just before getting it braided?

The surprising response to that dilemma is, “no way.” When it comes to man-braiding, dirty hair always wins. Why you may ask? Well, freshly-washed hair is much more frizzy and challenging to braid than hair that has been exposed to the elements for a few days. This is because the scalp’s natural oil preconditions the hair to help it stay firmly braided. What that means for you is that in order to receive a perfect ManBraid, your hair should be washed a day or two before seeing your stylist.

Can you wet ManBraid hair?

Yes. Although, you must be extra-careful with the strands, as wet hair is much more likely to stretch and break the braids more than dry hair; and on the contrary, if your hair is really thin and subject to windy conditions, a few drops of water will help tame those wispy hair strands that break free from your new ManBraid.


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