Most Popular Medium Length Hair Styles for Men

Perhaps you’ve always worn your hair a certain way and you’re reluctant to try something different. This is typical for guys, but it’s so much more interesting and sexy to mix things up a bit. Changing your look helps to generate interest. If you’re looking for a new hair style for 2014, try out one of these ultra-popular cuts to get a look that will turn heads.

English: hair styling with hair gel
English: hair styling with hair gel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the biggest changes recently is longer hair. More and more men are wearing their hair at medium length rather than cutting it short. There are some compelling reasons to jump on board with this trend. Short hair simply doesn’t have the same versatility as longer hair. The longer you let your hair grow, the more styling options you’ll have.

But don’t just grow your hair all over your head. Go to a stylist and have your hair shaped. There are a number of different cuts today that are flattering and versatile, but most of them involve length on the top of the head with sculpted and sometimes shaved sides. This allows men to style their hair in a number of different ways while still keeping the hair out of the way. Hair that is longer on top and shorter on the sides can be slicked back or spiked high depending on your mood. You can even pull off a prep look if this would suit you by slicking back your hair in a more casual way.

To spike your hair or make it taller up top, style it from behind to add body. Blow dry your hair upside down while adding styling products. Tall hair can be appropriate in a variety of settings from work to formal events.

If you want something a bit more edgy, you could try wearing your medium length hair in a Mohawk for a day. In order to pull of a Mohawk, the hair on the sides of the head needs to be quite a bit shorter than the hair on top. Ideally, the hair at the sides should be shaved. Talk with your stylist about the best length and area on the side of the head to shave if you plan to wear your hair in a Mohawk sometimes.

Finally, if you get the right cut, you can style your hair in a quiff. The quiff is an eye-catching style in which the hair is given a lot of volume on top of the head and then brought to a point at the front. The quiff will undoubtedly turn some heads and get you the attention you really want with your medium-length hair. Discuss your hair styling plans with your stylist to get the best results and the most versatility from your medium-length cut.

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