Military Hair Styles Increasingly Popular Among Men

Are you among the growing ranks of men going for the military look?

Reasons for choosing military styles include:

  • Military
  • lean look
  • Fits my face and head
  • Significant other likes it
Image by crowdive via Flickr

There are multiple styles to choose from, based on their aesthetic appeal, they are:

Haircut #1: The Induction Cut is the shortest cut; and hence the name, it is the first cut you get when you begin Basic Training. The style is created by clippers; you don’t need to be a barber to give this cut! Most civilians (non-military) ask for the Burr, as it is a good style for the man that is going bald. This style follows the curve of the head, emphasizing roundness.

Horseshoe Haircuts
Image by nukeit1 via Flickr

Haircut #2: The Flattop is the favorite with upper brass of the military; the name says it all, the crown of your haircut is flat. The flattop can be altered by making the frontal portion of the hair into a U shape; this style is called the horseshoe flattop. If you want to look masculine, tall, and sporty, this is the hairstyle for you.

Hairstyle #3: The Crew Cut is the favorite among schoolchildren, mostly during the summer. Like the Induction Cut, the Crew Cut is a good style for the man that is going bald. This style adapts to most men’s head shape, face and neck shape, frontal hairline and facial features. An adaptation of this hairstyle is the Ivy League which is a longer crew cut favored by business men.

OCS graduation
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Hairstyle #4: The High and Tight is popular with military characters in movies because it is a stylish cut. There are two versions of this style; the second being the more extreme, the High and Tight Recon. This style looks like an extremely short Mohawk, or a patch of hair on the crown.

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