Messy Hairstyles for Men – Oklahoma City Men’s Haircuts

For men, the messy look can be extremely sexy, but it’s important to have the right cut to get you hair to look the way you really want it to. Messy can also look unkempt and correspondingly unattractive depending on the circumstances. If you’re looking for a hair cut that will give you plenty of versatility and allow you to wear your hair in a number of different styles included the “tousled” or “messed-up” look, continue reading. You’ll need to start first with the right hair cut in order to create a look that’s attractive and sexy.

Male hairstyle with blonde highlights
Male hairstyle with blonde highlights (Photo credit:

Messed up hair looks natural and rugged on men which is part of its appeal. There are several different hair cuts that can support a messed up look and most of these cuts can also be arranged to look very clean cut as well.

Although the traditional “flop” isn’t really in right now, a floppy hair cut can provide you with a lot of flexibility in terms of style. Essentially, this cut is longer on top and shorter at the sides, but it isn’t as long as the flops that men wore in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Instead the hair is just long enough to create some texture and a tousled, wind-blown look.

Short messy hair
Short messy hair (Photo credit: JPH – Juleskills)

This season, you can wear your curls in a slightly longer style with a little bit of gel or mousse to give it a “wet” look. If you have curls, it would be best to create a look that’s soft enough for you to run your fingers through and not completely destroy the look. Your hair should never look hard to the touch if you’re trying to give it a disheveled appearance.

The bedhead look is another messed-up style for men that gives the impression that you’ve just rolled out of bed and you still look great. A proper haircut for this style would include a lot of layers and texture so that you can show off any of the waves you’ve got to your hair. After you’ve gotten the right cut, you’ll need to use the right styling products to complete the look.

And finally, one of the most popular men’s hair styles to hit the runway this season is a cut that keeps hair longer on the top and shorter in back and on the sides of the head. This trendy style is extremely versatile. It can be combed back to give a very clean and pristine appearance or it can be styled to give a messy, unkempt appearance. If that’s not enough, you can comb it forward so that the long hair creates bangs or even to the side so to create a more classic look.