Men’s Medium Length Hair Styles – Oklahoma City Salons

Medium length hair isn’t right for every man. Some men have wiry or frizzy hair that is best cut short, but for men who are able to grow their hair out without a lot of fanfare, a medium-length hair style can be remarkably attractive. If you’re considering a medium-length style and you have the right kind of hair to create the look you’re hoping to achieve, go for it. But talk to your stylist first about your options and what type of cut would be most flattering for your face and hair type.

Kurt Cobain
Cover of Kurt Cobain

A lot of men fail to realize the potential of medium length hair. Hair that is not too long and not too short can be incredibly sexy. Take Brad Pitt, for example. His medium length hair has given him a look of sophistication in his more recent movies. Medium length hair on a man sends out a message of confidence and creativity. The man who is willing to wear his hear in a medium length do is willing to forfeit the clean-cut look for something less mainstream.

Kurt Cobain was took the look of medium length hair to a new level. His look became iconic for “grunge” and men who were brave enough to don this do tended to be artists or musicians or at least wanna-be’s. These days, many men choose medium-length styles because they’ve realized that many women like a full head of hair.

Medium length hair is relatively versatile, but it does require men to make an effort to learn how to style it. Using a prolific amount of gel, it’s possible for a man with moderately long hair to create a slicked-back appearance that’s appropriate for almost any line of work. Essential, the right medium-length cut can give a man a clean-cut appearance without the super-short hair. During the day, a man can wear his hair slicked back, but at night, he can style it differently to show off fullness and a little bit of creativity.

Women like it when men take care of themselves and care about how they look. Growing your hair out a little can frame your face and flatter your features more than a short cut. Talk with your stylist about hair styles that would be best for your face shape and line of work. There are plenty of cuts and styles to choose from that will still be quick and easy to fix each day. Your stylist will be able to recommend products to help you make styling easier and give you the look you’re going for. A medium length hair style can really change your look and it doesn’t take long to grow short hair into a phenomenal style that will turn heads.