Men Don’t Have to Wear Short Hair – Oklahoma City

In most cases men wear short hair. But it is not true that this is the only hairstyle for men. It is a stereotypical point of view that long hair is only for women, even today. Men with long hair were placed in a “rebel without a case” category years ago. They remind us of all those singers and musicians from the 80’s with long, wild and messy long hair. During that time and even today that “headbanger hair” is the distinct style of rockers and heavy-metal musicians. But, it is not just for them. Why couldn’t any other man have long hair? If you guys have healthy and nice hair, just grow long hair! Do not pay attention to stereotypes! The most important thing is that your hair must be clean and neat. Also, don’t forget to visit your hairdresser more often to help you with your dry hair or split ends, so your hair will look nice and healthy. For ceremonial events you can tie it in a ponytail.

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Men in most cases wear short hair styles. After all, they are easiest to maintain, and look neat. It Is the best solution for men who lead an active sports life, or for men who simply do not like to spend too much time fixing their hair. A few swishes with your fingers and possibly applying hair-care products and your hair is done. But, a requirement to keep in mind with this hairstyle is that you need to visit your hairdresser often enough to cut your hair and to maintain its shape and to make sure you always look neat.

Although short hair is very popular and common, there are several different types of short hairstyles. You can choose from a very short, almost shaved hairstyle that reminds you of a military look, or leave it slightly longer and go for a different hairstyle if that is more to your taste. But you will probably still want it short enough that is easy to maintain.

For special occasions, hair deserves almost as much attention as clothes. You would never appear in a crumpled shirt so why would you come with greasy, messy hair? Styling your hair for special occasions is showing your embellished side, the best of yourself, regardless of whether you’ve known the people (or person) you’ll be meeting for a long time, or will be introduced to them for the first time. To achieve a good look for you, visit your hairdresser a week before the ceremony or event and ask to have your hair cut  like this: On the sides and the back of your head shorten the hair with scissors, then ask her to cut your upper hair sharply to establish a balance between the neatly cut parts. On the day of ceremony, put some gel on all your hair and gently comb down and back. Lift the front part a little so it’s standing up and you do not look sleazy or greasy. And, do not worry too much about getting every hair in a place! That is not the point! This may turn out to be a great look for you.