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Hairstyles for boys and young men don’t have to boring. Boys and young men have more choices than ever for trendy and current hairstyles. Long hair has been popular for quite some time and if you watch Disney or Nickelodeon you can see that long shaggy hair is one of the most popular styles on these networks. The Jonas brothers, Zak Effron, Owen Wilson and other celebrities all wear their hair long. What makes today’s long hairstyles for boys and young men is the versatility. You can have a style all your own and switch up your looks easily.

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One of the most popular long styles is the side part with layers. This style was worn by Justin Beiber for many years and is still a great choice. Long layers on the side and back are topped by side swept bangs. You can wear this style smooth or use some paste and piece it out for a more textured look.

Another great style for boys and young men is a shoulder length surfer look. For this style, have your hairdresser cut your hair just past your shoulders with layers and texture near the ends. This will give your hair movement and more styling options. Apply some curl booster if you have natural waves or curls for texture or wear it smooth. This style also looks good in a ponytail gathered at the nape of your neck.

A long faux hawk is an more structured look. Use gel and styling paste to pull the hair up in a faux hawk and then pull the side toward your face. If you prefer a more polished look, use some gel and comb your hair straight back into a slick look. Ask your hairdresser to give you ideas on how to cut and style your hair if you want to try long hairstyles for boys and young men. Messy, choppy and textured cuts are easy to care for and maintain with the right styling products and a great cut. So have fun with your hair and try out a long style for a new and different look.

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