Is the Flat Top Still in Style – Oklahoma City Men’s Hair Stylists

Some hairstyles come and go, but the flat top maintains its popularity partly because of its practicality. Men who work for the police force or the military often prefer a cut like the flat top because it’s remarkably easy to style, it looks great, and it’s unlikely that their hair will interfere in any way with the work that they do. Although the flat top may not be all the rage, per se, it’s still an acceptable style for men who want to look good without spending a lot of time on their hair.

Expedition 33 Crew Hair Cut (201210210038HQ)
Expedition 33 Crew Hair Cut (201210210038HQ) (Photo credit: NASA HQ PHOTO)

The flat top is a hair style that’s cut so that the hair on the top of the head gives the appearance of flatness rather than a rounded look that follows the contour of the skull. There are a number of different versions of this do. Some flat tops are taller than others, for example. The flat top can be cut so that it is wider at the edges or more narrow depending on your personal preferences. Either way, this is a hair cut that is relatively easy to style and maintain. There is very little “style” involved, in fact and men often don’t even have to comb their hair to get it to look and feel the way they want it to.

The flat top can be an extremely unobtrusive hair style, or it can be an eye-catcher depending on how it’s done. The height of the flat top has a lot to do with how eye-catching it is, but it the pragmatics of wearing your hair in this style is what really appeals to you, you might want to talk with your stylist about how to keep your hair at a manageable length. The maintenance and upkeep on a flat top can be affected by the length to some extent, but how much work is involved will depend a great deal on the texture of your hair.

Flat tops have always been popular with the ladies partly because they feel good to the touch and partly because there’s something very masculine about this hair style. Though they were very popular in the middle to late 1990’s, today, they are mostly popular among men who do physical work that makes it hard to maintain a longer cut. Make sure that you talk to your stylist about the shape and height of your flat top to make sure that your cut will flatter your face. It’s also good to have an idea of how long it will take to maintain your cut once you’ve got it. You’ll have to do some minor maintenance on it to keep it looking pristine, but this is a style that’s perfect for men who don’t have a lot of time to spare for their hair.